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Good etiquette serves as a guiding light in the workplace

Career Tips
 Why you need good etiquette at the office (Photo: iStock)

In office dynamics, workplace etiquette serves as the guiding light for a harmonious and productive environment.

However, just like in any epic story, there can be villains lurking in the shadows ready to disrupt the delicate balance.

The interrupter: Picture this, you are in the middle of presenting a brilliant idea to your team when suddenly your boss swoops in and steals the limelight, interrupting your flow with their thoughts. If your boss constantly interrupts and overshadows others, it's a red flag that they may be abusing workplace etiquette. Respectful communication means valuing everyone's input and patiently waiting for your turn to speak.

The vanishing "please" and "thank you": Etiquette and common courtesy go hand in hand. But if your workmate seems averse to using the magic words, "please" and "thank you", it is a telltale sign of etiquette abuse. Genuine appreciation and politeness should be woven into the fabric of workplace interactions. Anyone who forgets these vital words may require a refresher course in the art of gratitude.

The micromanager: Ever encountered a boss who seems to possess a supernatural ability to micromanage every aspect of your work?While effective guidance and oversight are essential, a boss who hovers over your shoulder scrutinising your every move can stifle creativity and breed frustration. Trust and empowerment are the foundations of a healthy work environment, and a respectful boss knows when to let their team spread their wings.

The blame shifter: Beware of those who practice the dark art of blame-shifting and casting accusations to deflect responsibility onto unsuspecting team members. Instead of taking ownership of their mistakes or setbacks, they channel their inner sorcerer to assign blame elsewhere. Workplace etiquette champions accountability and fosters a culture of learning from missteps. A boss who embraces this ethos empowers their team to grow, while an etiquette-abusing boss perpetuates a toxic cycle of finger-pointing.

The master of disappearing acts: In a world where open communication is vital, an etiquette-abusing workmate possesses a peculiar talent for disappearing when needed most. They magically vanish during crucial meetings leaving their team bewildered. The art of leadership demands a present and engaged boss, one who actively supports their team, communicates transparently and navigates challenges together. If your boss is a master of the vanishing act, it is time to question their commitment.

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