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Things you need to buy before getting a pet

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 Things you need to buy before getting a pet (Photo: iStock)

Congratulations, you’re officially about to become a pet mom or dad! That is out of the way, it is time to start preparing. If you’ve never been a pet owner, you might assume that all you need to do is bring them home and everything else will sort itself out. That is not the case, however.

This is a real commitment because your pet will rely on you for everything. You’re practically bringing a child home the only difference is, you didn’t birth them.

You need to make sure you have a checklist of all the essentials at least a month in advance so that you don’t end up leaving something crucial out:


Just like humans, pets need access to healthy food on a daily basis. Food can also help your new furry friend feel less anxious when you first bring them home which is why you need to have some ready.

If you’re buying pre-packaged food you could buy a small pack first to see what your pet likes it. Once you’re sure they are happy you can buy bigger sizes.

Along with the food, make sure you buy feeding bowls, one for food and the other for water. In case you’re interested in automatic feeders, start searching for one that will suit your pet’s needs.

Comfortable shelter

Having a comfy place to sleep is also at the top of the list of your pet’s needs. Although there are times you might let them sleep on your bed, they should have their own space ready.

Different pets have different needs so it’s important to do your research. But either way, they should have access to a warm, clean and comfortable shelter.

Grooming essentials

All pets need grooming, some more than others. You might need to get essentials like shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a grooming brush, a towel and many other necessities to keep your pet clean.

Also, if you’re getting a pet that sheds a lot, consider shopping for cleaning essentials for the home like a fur remover for the seats.

Litter box

The other thing you need to do is shop for some litter and a litter box. You will definitely need this whether you stay in an apartment or a house with a compound, for hygiene purposes.

To make things easier for you, shop for handy tools like a litter scoop, so you won’t have to handle any waste directly. Litter liners will also help you have a more stress-free litter box cleaning day. Meanwhile, you could also figure out a convenient location where you will place the litter box.

Collar and ID tag

You don’t only need a collar for people to know that your pet has an owner. In some places, an ID tag with your address on it is mandatory so that anyone can know who to contact in case your pet ever gets lost.

Pets will wander around and sometimes even struggle to find their way back home so you can order a customized tag with your pet’s name and your contact information on it. Choose a durable tag with all this information engraved on it rather than those that are printed on, which could easily rub off.

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