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Eight ways to remove tough stains from utensils

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 You might not be able to remove stubborn stains with ordinary dish soap (Photo: Shutterstock)

You’ve probably spotted some stains on your utensils and tried to scrub them off with your usual dish soap but they just won’t come out. So annoying!

Dish soap is great for general cleaning but it doesn’t work so well when it comes to burn stains, mineral stains from hard water, spice stains and rust on your utensils.

Don’t be too quick to give up though. There are many ways to handle this problem and have your dishes looking spotless. Do this. 

Baking soda

You need to always have a pack of baking soda in your kitchen because it comes in handy in more ways than one. It can handle tough stains especially those burn stains. Make a paste of baking soda mixed with water and use that to scrub. Before you rise, let it sit for a few minutes. Repeat the process if necessary. You can also mix some of it with water then boil it in the stained pot or pan for a few minutes. Let it cool and scrub the pot with some more baking soda paste then rinse well.

White vinegar

This is a great solution for rust, discolored utensils and hard water stains that refuse to fade away. Pour some white vinegar into the pot and add some water to it. Let it sit overnight then wash as usual. Another way to use it is by boiling a mixture of vinegar and water which will make it easier for the stains to fade while washing.


Bleach can remove stains on clothes and utensils. Prepare a bleach and water solution to lift the stains super easy. Let the utensils soak in the solution for some time then wash. It works perfectly when removing stains from plastic containers especially.

 Soak stained utensils in a mixture of water and vinegar overnight (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lemon soak 

Add some lemon juice to a bowl of hot water and soak the stained utensil for a few hours or overnight. The next morning, wash them with dish soap and water. The natural acid in the lemon will eliminate the stains quickly. Lemon works well but they can be corrosive. Don’t let it sit too long in metallic utensils.

Coca cola 

It might be surprising but coke has some amazing stain removing properties. Get a bottle of coca cola and pour it into the affected utensil. Allow to soak for a few hours and then wash. The acids will loosen the stains so they’ll  come off easily. It’s also great for polishing your steel pots and pans. Pour some of it on the utensil and polish using a piece of aluminum foil. That said, doesn’t it make you concerned why we still drink it if it’s strong enough to remove tough stains? Food for thought.


Cornstarch is a good remedy for oil stains. Just mix a few spoonfuls of the powder into a bowl of water then mix it into a paste. Apply the paste on a clean cloth then rub the affected area or pour it directly into the stained dish. Wash and rinse with warm water once the stains are out.

 Acids in the Coke will loosen stains making them come off easily (Photo: Shutterstock)


While washing, pour a generous amount of salt on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes. Add some on the wash cloth and scrub the stains until they’re all out. Alternatively, you can make a salt and water solution then let the utensils soak overnight. Heating up the mixture for a few minutes after the soak will also get rid of the stains.

Chemical stain removers 

You can easily get some chemical stain removers from the supermarket if nothing else seems to work. Just be careful and read the ingredients because some of them, like chlorides, will corrode your utensils. You should also follow the given instructions to preserve your kitchen ware.?

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