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Home style: How to choose a toilet for your home

Your Home
 Toilets have a dual purpose, a form of waste disposal and beautify the home (Photo: Shutterstock)

A toilet is a vital piece in every home. Toilets have evolved over time to not only serve as a means of waste disposal but also make a home beautiful.

There are several types of toilets to choose from. They range from basic toilets to smart toilets that warm up or self-flush if programmed to.

In addition to the style and aesthetic appeal other factors you will need to consider are: the flushing technology, the material and the cost.

Flushing system

There are various types of flushing systems that are made to enhance user experience. The two main ones are gravity and pressure-assist systems. Pressure-assisted flushing gives a more powerful flush with minimal water consumption. Choose a toilet that flushes using both systems and that allows you to dual flush and conserve water.

Types of bowl

Close coupled

This is the most common toilet type. The bowl and the cistern are fused into one piece. This design ensures zero external plumbing leakages.

 A wall hung toilet is mounted directly on the wall (Photo: Shutterstock)

Wall hung

These types of toilets are mounted directly to the wall. They do not have an external tank or a pedestal. They have a sleek look to them. The pipes and plumbing are done on a wall behind the bowl.

Bowl on floor

This type of toilet is fixed directly to the floor. The pipes and water closet are concealed behind the wall. This type of toilet is perfect for saving space.

Pan design

You can select a round, oval, elongated or rectangular bowl shape. The type of pan you choose will be guided by the floor size of your room.

Elongated bowls occupy a big space and are good for a big bathroom.

Ask your toilet sellers as many questions about the variety they stock and maintenance before you make a decision.

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