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Ann Kinya,Programme Officer at centre of enviromental stewardship: I made it mine


Ann Kinya, Programme Officer at Centre of Environmental Stewardship

What type of car do you drive?

A white Toyota NZE, a gift from my husband

What modifications have you made to your car?

I have changed almost everything about it from the rims to the mats and more-so, the the music system. The music system was outdated and not compatible with new technology.

What ‘girly’ stuff do you carry in the car?

I carry coffee or tea to drink in the car especially when it is chilly. When I wear heels, I always carry a change of flat shoes and there is always baby stuff in the car; diapers, wipes and clothes.

What type of driver are you?

My minimum speed on the highway is 50km/h. That being said, I think I am an average driver.

 What is your dream car?

Range Rover Sport. Apart from being huge, it has a bold design and, to me, symbolises the climax of life. I would not dream of having another car the moment I lay my hands on the Range Rover.

If you were stranded on the road with a flat tyre, what would you do to get help?

I would put the skills my husband taught me to good use and get down and dirty. However, that is only if there are no people around to help me out.

If you had the privilege of a siren in your car, what outrageous thing would you do?

I would get to town in record time of five minutes especially because when there is no traffic, I get there in ten minutes.

 What do you do to kill time in traffic?

I listen to classical music and sometimes ragga. I also chew so much gum to distract myself that it has become addictive.

What habit would you not tolerate from the people you carry in the car?

You do not get into my car with muddy shoes. Also, I do not like people who talk too much as they are not only annoying, but also tend to distract me from concentration.

What advice would you give a lady who wants to buy a car?

It is OK to start with a small car even if it is a second hand one. This is because you will get to be a better driver before you can get a better one. Get a car that can be repaired locally and will not give you headache trying to look for parts and mechanics who understand its operations.

On average, how much do you spend on fuel?

Between Sh15,000 and Sh20,000 a month having travelled upcountry at least once.

 What is the worst driving experience you have had?

Once I was just from a tough exam in the evening and I just wanted to get home. As I was driving through the CBD, I forgot to turn on my lights since town is well lit, but when I took a roundabout getting into Upperhill, I felt something big crash into my car. Stopping, I saw that a PSV bus had just crashed into my rear and scratched my side and had taken off. It was a long battle with the insurance company.

 What one thing have you learned about driving that was never taught in driving school?

Defensive driving. Driving school does not tell you that driving is not just getting on a lane and accelerating. There is more to it; you have to have four eyes, use all your senses, and somehow be that driver that drives the car in front, on your side and at the back.

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