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5 things WhatsApp could do to your relationship



WhatsApp and your relationship

You can tell a lot about a person from their WhatsApp profile pictures and status update. WhatsApp has been the start and ruin of many relationships I know.

It is the custodian of infidelity. Both men and women are victims of this app that is both a cause of so much joy and so much pain.

First, i have had my flirting moments on WhatsApp, and boy, aren't they charming? If you stumble upon a chatty lady and you are charming enough or drunk, you can flirt your way to her heart or bed. WhatsApp has taught me a lot.

For starters, WhatsApp has taught people to be better snoopers of their partners' phones.

Everyone who suspects their partner to be cheating only needs random check-ups on their partner's phones and sure as hell, you always come across a man or a woman who is wrecking your relationship.

It is a pretty straightforward thing. Ask for their phone. Any moment of hesitation means they are up to some mischief. Should they give you the phone, scroll to the bottom where anyone who has chatted with your partner, but has had his or her message deleted, will be resting.

There is a reason why individuals delete messages. If the deleted message belongs to those of the opposite sex and about his or her age, then be very worried.

Secondly, it fuels infidelity. Any man with the ability to flirt can melt the heart of even the toughest and most faithful woman. Yet, flattery and flirting are skills every Tom, Dick and Harry with a smart phone so much possesses nowadays.

 Ever wondered why every young woman is constantly grinning, laughing and smiling when scrolling through their smartphones?

It is simple; any fool with a phone that can access Internet is transformed into a world star comedian in the presence of a woman he desires. That is why they go out of their way to send crazy photos, memes, quotes, videos and jokes.

 And women appreciate humour, regardless of the source. So, if a man, be careful about men who make your woman laugh. You got to guard her jealously.

Thirdly, WhatsApp is a source of so much immaturity. You can tell how mature or immature a person is by what they have as their pictures or statuses. Women, especially younger or older but insecure, have this annoying habit of putting their boyfriends or husbands in their profile pictures - as if to ward off unwarranted attention.

 I find this a weak way of handling situations. What if you break up the following day. Because, no sooner do you change the status or the picture than people derive conclusions and soon hyenas will be upon you. It is good to be proud of your partner, but the less you make it public, the better.

 Having a photo of your partner is no more a deterrence than going to church makes a politician less corrupt.

Fourth, women can be sneaky and conceited. Ever met women who think everyone is stalking them? So they quit WhatsApp, or they turn off the time notification and you will never know when they are online. Some have told me it is a way of avoiding idlers who make their life difficult. I think, this is conceit at worst. You can tell someone you are busy or to just get off your back. You don't have to be antisocial. I always suspect that women who have turned off their WhatsApp notification are up to some mischief.

Finally, always be thankful if you have a partner who is not so much into social media. Because there is nothing more addictive in our time than social media. Not even alcohol or drugs can match the corrupting and addictive ability of social media. Once your partner is hooked, the first step towards leaving you has been taken.

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