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'My husband didn't spend Christmas with me because he was a paedophile with secret family and 5 fiancées'


MaryTurnerThomsonA mother whose husband spent Christmas away home was horrified to discover that he had a secret family, FIVE fiancées and was a convicted paedophile.

After meeting William Jordan online Mary Turner Thomson, now 48, of Edinburgh, was smitten with his good looks and American accent.

But during their six year relationship the bigamist, who claimed he was a CIA agent, only spent two Christmases with Mary – because he was splitting his time between another wife and five fiancées.

Three of them had even been pregnant at the same time.

"When we met in November 2000, Will told me he ran his own IT consultancy, which meant he was often away on business," Mary explains. "I had no reason to doubt him. But over time, he continuously let me down, standing me up at the last minute."

Suspicious he was cheating on her, Mary looked up Jordan’s work address and traced him to a house where she discovered children’s toys scattered all over the garden.

"After confronting him, Will swore me to secrecy and said he was working undercover as a CIA agent," Mary says. "He told me the woman who lived at the house was also a CIA agent, and by following him I’d blown their cover.

"It seemed far-fetched, but then he showed me his login to the CIA website and pay packets with the Ministry of Defence logo on them, so I was convinced he was telling me the truth."

Two months later, Mary, who already had daughter, Moran, from a previous relationship, fell pregnant.

The couple made plans to marry too, but Jordan cancelled the wedding a week before, claiming he was being sent to Palestine for work.

"He wasn’t there when our daughter Louise was born, but I forgave him, because I loved him," Mary says.

Eventually, in October 2002, the couple tied the knot and in April 2005 Mary gave birth to their son Alexander.

"He turned up to our honeymoon a day late and missed the birth again," Mary says. "By then, I’d had enough. I gave Will an ultimatum. The CIA or me.

"He said he chose me, and started his own business. He even took on an office worker called Denise, and bought a Mercedes. But quickly I learnt that it was all just a front and we were in a lot of debt."

Jordan convinced Mary to sell her flat and borrow money from her parents to help pay it off.

"Soon I’d handed over £198,000 and could barely afford to feed the kids," Mary says.

Then, in April 2006, Mary received an earth shattering call from the police.

"They told me that Will was engaged to another woman - his office worker Denise. She’d reported him after he’d used her credit card to buy a Mercedes," Mary reveals. "And the woman who’d lived at the house I’d visited was in fact Will’s wife of 16 years, not a CIA agent like he’d told me.

Xmas 2002. Mary, Will and Moran and Louise Sick: Mary reveals how she felt after discovering the truth

"My whole world came crashing down. My life with Will had been a cruel lie."

Worse still, she discovered he was a convicted sex offender, who’d indecently assaulted a girl under 13 and spent time in prison.

"When I found out Will was a convicted paedophile, I felt sick. I had no idea, I wish I’d known before I let him into my life," Mary says, horrified.

That year, William Jordan appeared at Oxford Crown Court and pleaded guilty to bigamy, fraud and failing to register as a sex offender. He was jailed for five years.

Afterwards, Mary was contacted by Jordan’s other wife. She told Mary that not only was he married to them and engaged to Denise, he also had four extra fiancées and a further nine children.

Six months ago, eight years after she’d tried putting the horror behind her, Mary was contacted again.

This time by Will’s new fiancée in America who’d just discovered she was his latest victim.

"On his release from prison, he’d spun her the same lines he’d told me and conned her out of thousands too," Mary says. "Now he’s facing charges in America. I just hope it’s the last time anyone falls for his lies."

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