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Blame it on the alcohol: Karen Nyamu speaks after causing drama at Samidoh's Dubai concert

 Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu caused drama at Samidoh's event in Dubai, clashing with his wife Edday Nderitu.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has finally commented on a viral video where she was seen causing drama at Samidoh's concert in Dubai on December 16, 2022.

In the video, Nyamu walks up to a table where Samidoh is having drinks with his wife Edday Nderitu and attempts to sit on the singer's laps.

It is at this point that Edday confronts Nyamu as she tries to get hold of her husband. Security personnel quickly intervene before a visibly tipsy Nyamu is escorted out.

In a separate clip, Nyamu is seen dancing on stage as Samidoh and Akorino singer Karangu Muraya entertain revelers but she is swiftly asked to get off stage after a mini altercation.

The senator now blames that eventful evening on alcohol and has vowed to ditch the bottle as part of her 2023 resolutions.

Through social media, she says she was surprised to find herself among the top trends on December 17, 2022, and asked her followers to pray for her.

She, however, maintained that she will not let go of the Muhithi singer anytime soon.

 Karen Nyamu has vowed to quit alcohol in 2023.

"Mniombee...hii mapenzi kama itakuwa inafanya nifanye drama kila saa nikae kama mimi ndio chizi...2023 sitaki drama. Nimeacha pombe.

"Don't worry...niko na kila kitu. Kitu sinanga ni haya. No alcohol for me in 2023. Pombe haijui lane. Simwachi. Lazima tulee watoto. I don't fight. I am a coward. Nilikosea nani kwenda kwa stage? I was having fun," she said.

Bernice Saroni, a promoter who hosted Samidoh during his US tour, was quick to offer Edday support asking her to remain calm despite the challenges their marriage is facing.

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She also took a dig at Nyamu, asking her to know her place and stick to her lane.

"Edday you are in my prayers...sorry hun my flight got in interrupted in Switzerland but hold your husband tight. Remember when things are too good that's when the devil comes for you.

"Stay calm this shall pass too. Always remember you have the crown... fix it nicely...better days are ahead of you my sister. Samidoh Leo umecheza kama wewe.... thank you so much. The security was on point...sidechic always remember your position wacha kusumbua watu aah nkt," she wrote.

 Bernice Saroni. [Instagram]

In November, Nyamu, while responding to a fan on social media, boldly declared that Samidoh is worth fighting for.

The pair, who have a child together, started going out in 2019 and Nyamu previously stated that she did not know the singer was married.

She further added that Samidoh told her his wife knew of the affair which led to the birth of their son in December 2020.

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Nyamu denied claims she is a homewrecker at the time and said she has nothing against Edday.

"I don't think I confused Samidoh. We met at a political event that he was performing at, and we became friends. I didn't know Samidoh was married because he was not even wearing a ring. I came to know after being his friend for around four months.... I am not making excuses. These things happen; a lot of women live this life.

"The only thing I have a problem with is people thinking I am a homewrecker - that I was doing things to compete with the wife and all that," she said during a previous interview with Jalas.

 Karen Nyamu and Samidoh.

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