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Fashionista Robert Burale; The man of all trades

My Man
 Robert Burale Photo: Courtesy

We know him as the guy who gives his opinion on fashion. SHIRLEY GENGA catches up with ROBERT BURALE and uncovers the many hats he wears.

Who is Robert Burale?

I am a man of many talents. I’m an emcee, image consultant, motivational speaker, and actor, but most importantly a child of God and a lover of God. I’m also the CEO of The RB (Readily Bold) Company. Also I will soon be starting The Robert Burale School of Leadership in January 2016 and I am also a PR and Marketing Strategist.

You are not only one of the most sought after emcees but also the highest paid. How did you do that?

It’s humbling to be referred to as highest paid emcee. But in everything I do, I do it very professionally. I don’t play games with my work. I study my clients, and when I take the Mic to speak I make sure I connect with my audience. Every event is different. Oh yes I know by God’s grace I am an extremely good event host.

You are also a controversial pastor. While most pastors choose to shy away from scandalous topics like sexuality you have chosen to be vocal, why?

Every person has their calling, gifting and strengths. By God’s grace, I’m very bold when it comes to sexual issues because from personal experience I know the dangers of sex when carelessly handled, but I guess I’m bold on most issues, period.

That’s why my company is called The Readily Bold Company. The youth and now even older couples are going through many negative experiences because of sex. Sex has become as easy as buying candy in the store, the moral fibre of society is completely destroyed and someone has to talk about it.

Can you tell us about your history with sexual addiction, and how were you able to overcome it?

It’s not a secret that I had my share of ‘fun’. But what people don’t realise is that having many women does not in any way prove a show of might it does the opposite, it’s a sign of weakness and emptiness.

What do you think is the biggest challenge people face with dealing with sexual addictions?

Some of the challenges people who are addicted to sex have are lack of accountability and people are not willing to discuss or talk to anyone about their sexual struggles for fear of being judged.

Your monthly meetings have been creating quite the buzz for their provocative and sometimes controversial nature...

I have The Naked Truth forums and we meet once a month, usually the third Saturday of the month in the afternoon. It’s really a forum where we discuss issues that would not otherwise be dealt with in many forums.

It’s not for the faint hearted because we say it as it is and also try to offer solutions. Our vision is to raise a focused, balanced and well informed generation who are morally upright and ready to change their communities. The issues that affect most people are relationship issues, morality and lack of direction for their lives. The forums are normally free.

Divorce in Kenya is on the increase.What was your experience?

My experience with my marriage failing was not easy especially being a public figure. I faced a lot of judgement and self-doubt. I felt like a failure but in life you must rise above hurdles failures and hardships. Marriage is good. Always give it your best shot. Communication is key and be accountable to each other.

While most separated parents struggle with co-parenting you have managed to do that with the mother of your daughter. Any advice?

When it comes to co-parenting it’s first of all very important to put your egos and pride aside. Remember, it’s not about you but the children. So we as parents must be very civil towards each other for the sake of the children.

Therefore, when making decisions about the children, think of their interests first and put emotions aside. I thank God we have managed to achieve this as Lexie’s parents.

I love my daughter; she is the most precious thing to me. She brings out the best in me and I love that at times I can let go and just play with her, she brings out the playful side of me. Life can be stressful. I truly find fulfilment in being a father. It’s a humbling yet amazing thing and it comes with a lot of responsibilities

There has been a complaint by women and society in general that fashion trends for men today have gone too feminine, what is your opinion?

Men should stop confusing fitting suits as a license to wear tight clothes. The piercing of both ears should stop. We should not let some of the Western influences affect our culture of decency and formality. Women don’t want men who compete with them in dressing. A man must have some masculinity.

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