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Six affordable gift ideas for your man this valentine's

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 This year, you can change the game a bit and get him something both creative and affordable [Courtesy]

Finding gifts for ladies is so easy. Most gift shops have a variety of items at different price points and even something as simple as a bouquet of flowers is enough.

When it comes to finding something for the guys though, the struggle gets real. First, it is hard to figure out what guys like and two, many of these gifts are one the expensive side which makes things even worse.

This year however, you can change the game a bit and get him something both creative and affordable. Instead of buying him a pair of boring socks, try out these six gift ideas instead.

A box of chocolates

I think someone somewhere once said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Buying him chocolates isn’t exactly the same as cooking for him but I’m sure it counts anyway.

If your hubby has a sweet tooth, you can spoil him with a box of good quality Swiss chocolate that you can find for just around 500 shillings.

And, you can easily find these at a local supermarket or maybe do something extra by buying unique chocolates from online gift shops.

DIY framed picture

You can also win his heart this valentine day by gifting him a customized picture. Sometimes getting them done by a pro can cost a lot of money so the other option you have is doing a small DIY project.

You can just shop for a frame, pick a picture from your gallery, print and put in the frame.

You can decide to do a little photo editing on any app to make it more artistic, if you like, then print and frame yourself. Simple yet so thoughtful!

Order his favorite meal

You can never go wrong with food, that is for sure. Anyone would be happy to have their favorite food delivered to their doorstep when they least expected it.

 Anyone would be happy to have their favorite food delivered to their doorstep when they least expected it [Courtesy]

This idea also works if you are in an LDR, since you can easily use an app to order something he will love directly to his house.

I’m sure he will appreciate this.

A bracelet

Getting a bracelet from someone you love has a special connection to it. Whenever you wear it, it reminds you of the love they have for you.

You can shop for a bracelet that suits his style whether it’s a Maasai bracelet or a metallic bracelet, depending on what you know he is like.

If you want make it more special, you can get a message engraved on it.

A book

If your bae is a book worm, it would be a good idea to buy him a book he has been wanting to read.

Think of something that will keep him entertained or something that he has been eyeing for a long time.

Anything he wanted to replace

The good thing is that most guys are very simple so buying them something useful will actually make their manly hearts melt.

Take time to see what he has been wanting to replace whether it’s his car seat covers, his favorite but worn out beanie, his tool bag, helmet, anything you can think off.


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