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Woman has left daughter heartbroken with 50 year lie that I am her dad

Marriage Advice
man cheated on

She continued to tell everyone I am the father but after threatening her with a DNA test she admitted it wasn't me

Dear Coleen

A woman accused me nearly 50 years ago of being the father of her child. It went to court and after two hearings I was judged not to be the child’s father as the woman in question finally admitted that she hadn’t been with me for more than a year before the birth of the baby.

However, since then she has continued to tell everyone that I am the father. Finally, after threatening her with a DNA test, she has admitted it wasn’t me, leaving her daughter heartbroken.

I am seriously thinking of trying to bring a case of slander – what do you think?

Coleen says

Well, you can always get legal advice but, I would imagine, it’ll be quite hard to prove what she has been saying to other people.

I understand it’s frustrating and that you’re angry but do you really want to drag it all up again by going to court? If her daughter is already distraught at being lied to, don’t you think she’s been through enough?

I don’t think it will actually make you feel any better.

If you haven’t had anything to do with the daughter, as harsh as this sounds and awful as it is for her, it’s down to her mother to sort out the mess she’s made.

This woman has probably devastated several people’s lives with her lies, but at least now you can breathe again.

It is time to put it all behind you and move on.

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