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Susan Anyango- Former Miss World Kenya: 'No smoking in my car'


What nickname have you christened it?

Mushka. The name came to mind when I bought the car and I thought it suited it well. 

What have you added to your car to give it a personal touch?

I changed the grey interior and gave it a black and white one; my favourite colours.

What girly stuff do you carry in your car?

Apart from the must-haves — car air freshener, wipes and tissues, I have three pairs of shoes and an outfit, in case of an emergency.

What do you love about your car?

I love that it is compact and easy to manoeuvre around in.

Tell us about your experience driving in Nairobi.

It has been hectic to say the least, but I am not complaining, as that has taught me to be tough and alert on the road.

Which animal are you on the road; a cheetah or a tortoise?

I would not exactly say either, but I try to drive at a reasonable speed to ensure the safety of all road users.

What is your dream car?

Aston Martin DB9. It is fast and sophisticated.

If you were stranded on a highway with a flat tyre, what would you do to get help?

If it was at an unfamiliar area, I would call AA, but otherwise, I would change it myself. It is amazing how people think ladies cannot change tyres. It would be a chance to reverse the roles.

If you had the privilege of a siren on your car, what outrageous thing would you do?

I would harass all the matatus out of my way.

How do you kill time while in traffic?

I listen to music and go through my daily planner on my phone to know what I am supposed to do and what time, or look at what I have managed to do.

What particular song do you get carried away listening to in your car?

Bump and Grind by R Kelly and Still Callin by Dom Kennedy.

What habit would you not tolerate from people you carry in your car?

Smoking. That is a big no for me. For this reason, I always inform my smoker friends well beforehand that they cannot smoke in the car.

What advice would you give a lady who wants to buy a car?

If it is their first time, I would advise them to go for a practical car that is easy to drive around.

How much do you spend on fuel in a month?

Around Sh15,000.

What is the worst driving experience you have ever had?

I once almost hit a pedestrian who was crossing at a roundabout on Jogoo Road during the evening rush. It was a traumatising experience.

Photo: www.timesofbeauty.com

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