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Why you need a digital detox

 Why you need a digital detox (Photo: iStock)

Just like any other detox, which means avoiding a certain thing like drinking or partying for a while for various reasons, digital or online detox is the act of separating yourself from using any technological devices like smartphones, computers, social media sites and more for a period of time.

Being online all the time can really harm someone without them even realising it, which is why everyone needs to go online detox now and then, and it's going to end up benefiting them in a positive way. Here are some of the benefits of an online detox:

Resolves addiction

Many of us are actually addicted to our devices and we may not even know it. Digital addiction is huge and affects a large number of people, not just teenagers, but adults too, so it affects our daily lives.

Taking a break from digital devices will allow us to live without being overly dependent on them, allowing us to interact more with the people around us and find other ways to keep ourselves occupied.

Cost saving

If you decide to stay away from any technological devices, you can save a lot of money by spending less on Wi-Fi, airtime or even TV companies.

One will look for other alternatives for entertainment such as drawing, and hiking, which in turn will allow them to spend less and save more.

Promotes better sleep

Many of us, myself included, do not get enough sleep because of our gadgets, as we spend most of the night using them, whether for work or socialising. We end up looking miserable and sleep-deprived as the blue light emitted disrupts our sleep patterns, which in turn affects how we communicate with others and how we work.

By limiting the hours, we spend online before going to bed, we can create a more pleasant and peaceful mood for rest. This will help us to get the right amount of rest and be more productive and energetic.

Builds relationships

People often spend more time on digital devices than with their partners, friends and even family. This affects the bond they have and ultimately risks ruining the relationship altogether.

One should create time and space for those they love and cherish by making sure they are not too involved in online activities; this will help bring them back to reality and create a good atmosphere for bonding and spending quality time making memories.

Improved health

Constant use of digital devices can harm a person because the light emitted affects the eyes, changes posture because of frequent bending, and even changes eating habits.

One becomes so tired that they do not eat properly or at all, which affects their health as they become malnourished.

One should consider taking an online detox as it allows them to rest completely and reenergize themselves, which helps them improve their health-wise. Taking time away from online gadgets allows one to focus on what is more important like their health and wellbeing.

Increased creativity

Constant exposure to digital devices and content can limit creativity and inspiration to do and achieve more. If you limit your exposure to online content, you will be able to indulge in offline activities and hobbies that will ultimately make you more creative because you will be exposed to the real world, which has more ideas.

Better mental health

Over-reliance on digital devices can lead to increased anxiety, stress and fatigue. Taking a break from them can help you to reset your mind, recharge, deal with your issues and reduce stress, leading to an overall sense of physical and even mental well-being.

For some people, it may be hard to let go of these devices, but for others, it may be so easy, so one should consider finding a system that works for them in order to fully benefit from it, as it is essential for all to create time to refocus and recharge in order to create a more balanced lifestyle.











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