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Signs you are into sapiosexual men

 Sapiosexuals, just like most people, like qualities like kindness, friendliness and generosity [Courtesy]

In relationships, we tend to naturally gravitate towards people with traits we like. Some people are aware of what their type is, based on what they typically go for and others, although unaware, can kind of see a specific trend in their exes if they take time to investigate.

The interesting thing that often happens is, we attract people who are similar to ourselves. If for example you are a sapiosexual, which is someone who is sexually attracted to intellectuals, you will find yourself attracting other sapiosexuals.

In case you're not sure where you preference falls, here are five signs you're a sapiosexual to begin with and if you're attracted to the same.

Intelligence is the number one quality you look for

Sapiosexuals, just like most people, like qualities like kindness, friendliness and generosity. For them though, these other shallow things like skin color or height isn't their first priority when looking for a partner.

The first thing that usually attracts them to someone is their mind. If you find that you would rather go for an unattractive guy who is smart than a hot guy who's unintelligent, you're probably a sapiosexual.

You prefer quiet dates

It's common for people to choose a fun location where they can do interesting activities or a social spot like a restaurant, for a first date. These are things that both introverts and extroverts enjoy but for a sapiosexual, their choice is a little different.

For you, quiet dates at low-key spots are your thing. You'll know that a guy is a potential match if he invites you for a quiet picnic somewhere because at least you can have engaging conversations without so many distractions.

 Quiet dates at low-key spots are your thing [Courtesy]

Intelligence turns you on

Sapiosexuality is deeply connected to how you respond to foreplay and sex. You might get turned on by a sexy body or seductive words but, this doesn't compare to deep conversations and witty humor.

There is something about someone's mind that will get you aroused more than what people typically notice. The physical touch and everything else will tend to flow naturally after a wholesome conversation with your partner.

You love clever humor

Speaking of humor, you will find that you connect most with men who can make smart jokes. You like to engage in pointless humor from time to time but deep jokes are what excite you most.

The fact that someone can come up with sarcastically funny comments about complex topics like politics and philosophy is what attracts you to someone.

This is what stands out to you and it shows that you might be a sapiosexual as well.

You're not a fan of small talk

Some people don't mind having mundane conversations even on dates. But for you, there is nothing more annoying than superficial discussions because you prefer to engage in meaningful conversations.

If you are a, 'did you vote?' rather than a 'what music do you like to listen to?' kinda gal, you definitely match perfectly well with other sapiosexuals.

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