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How to choose the perfect accent chairs for your space

 Here is a formula you can use to get you the perfect accent chairs for your home [Courtesy, Pinterest]

If you're not a pro at interior decorating, like most of us, you might get lost in all the whole process of enhancing the beauty of your home. It can be very complicated because it's not as easy as just picking a couple of random items that match. You have to know the right rules to follow otherwise you will create a mess.

Once you have everything set, you can add the cherry on top with decor pieces like accent chairs. Choosing an accent chair needs quite a bit of planning because the wrong design could ruin the aesthetic of your room.

This sounds like a lot but don't worry. Here is a formula you can use to get you the perfect accent chairs for your home.

Plan where you will place them

You can start by figuring out where you want your accent chairs to be. Are you planning to place them in a corner somewhere or do you want them to be in a location where you'll instantly spot them the minute you walk into your living room?

This detail will help you visualize what exactly you want and whether it will go according to plan.

Consider the size of your room

It's very exciting when you think of all the interesting designs you can choose from. The main focus of accent chairs is to add a bold twist to your space and so you can go as crazy as you want with the designs.

 The main focus of accent chairs is to add a bold twist to your space [Courtesy, Walmart/hayneedle]

However, you should take your time to figure out the overall size of your room. Will it take up too much space? From there you will know the dimensions and shapes that will work best for your home.

Think of your priorities

Is your focus mainly on beautifying your room or are you more interested in functionality? Think about this so that you will know for sure what to go for.

If you're thinking of something that is meant to just make your room look more interesting, you will be free to pick different materials and designs. But, if you want something that is fully functional, you can choose more sturdy materials and designs that are comfortable to sit in.

Stick to a specific color theme

Although accent chairs should be bold, you still want something that can harmoniously match with the color scheme of your room. Always remember that random colors never bring proper visual balance.

One way is to pick a shade of color that is similar to the rest of your furniture. If you have navy blue couches for example, you can go for sky blue accent chairs.

Another way is to choose colors that complement each other. To gain more knowledge on color coordination, a quick check online will demystify the color wheel giving you a clearer picture of the options you have.

 Besides the color, you should also be careful when choosing a pattern [Courtesy, Decoist]

Choose a pattern that matches

Besides the color, you should also be careful when choosing a pattern. If you choose a pattern that's busy or one that doesn't flow with the theme of your home, it will definitely look off.

If you're not sure, keep it simple. You can also consult one or two friends who have an eye for interior decor to get their perspective and suggestions before making a decision.

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