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Psalms for Sabina Chege


When Azimio Council member Sabina Chege turned a year older last week, the heavens poured with platitudes from the multitude.

But one soul, a poet, grabbed the attention of the immediate former Murang'a county Woman Representative in the National Assembly.

Odhiambo Kauma's lyricism struck Maitu to the core, and breathless she gasped in simple, single exclamation:

"Humbled," she wrote, pasting the lyrical evidence which painted the picture of unblemished goddess spinning heads of city bachelors:

"The waters have come to call her name; the magnificent daughter of the mighty Kinyaa. Come out for your day is here," Kauma moaned, of the day she was born.

"Let the setting sun splash its golden rays on your cheeks which have defied even the envy of age," he added of the Tausi legend.

"Smile so the gods can fight once again, o'er what men can only wish....." the poem went.

Kauma confessed the men of the lake, have more often than not sworn by its depth, baying for her hand.

"Smile so that the gods can fight once again... hii lazima niitumie mahali bwana kuna mrembo analeta shida mahali," Collymore Bonny Bokelloh commented on Kauma's.

"Sabina is in trouble! The Luo charm is about to catch up. But gratefully for the national good," Stephen Olang exclaimed.

Kauma, however is in good company of many a men smitten by Maitu's infectious charm. Long before him, the late John D'Mathew had serenaded her in a musical shoot, describing her as the shining star of his life.

Many more psalms have been written, and sung, about her. From the great ridges of Kangundo, Ukambani, Viq Muisyo has been ill at these things. He calls her "Cherie Sabz."

Muisyo once wrote that Maitu's melts him into "a puddle of shit." Much later, he confessed he had "egregiously come onto head-on collision" with her.

"Next time you see a bushy mesolithic wizard, wave; it might be me, again!" he lyrically wailed.

"Even though I am obscenely gutted that I never got oriented to the pits and helms of your deftly crafted vessels, I have deposited the locks, stocks and barrels of my epistles and missives for your retrospection - for the days when your soul grows lowly and fond of my own."

He thus concluded; "In no way is our estrangement and disaffection your misapplication, but the fruits of my very own indiscretion. So long Sabz!" But it is Kauma who took it away with his sign-out. For him, nothing, not time or providence, should wither away Sabina's charm, and least of all, her smile. Not for all the tea in China.

"May time break its legs when counting your days. If days must come and take your charm, may they forget to carry away your smile," he exclaimed.

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