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Men talk: The art of being irresistible to women


Do you need to have money? Does money help status? Sure, but without desirable qualities, no lady is going to put up with your mediocre self.

Money might work for you but only temporarily and she’ll soon be gone. Having a healthy self-esteem makes you aware of your worth and you will not have to depend on your bank account balance to woo your lady.

The same applies to the belief that you have to be tall to be irresistible to women. A lady may fancy a man who is more than 6ft tall and well-off but that doesn’t mean she won’t find you intriguing if you aren’t blessed on both fronts.

A mentally-mature woman is not going to go after your height but will be concerned about how you view and position yourself.

These tips may act as guidelines, nevertheless, you should always remember that ladies “are famous for being strangely unpredictable”.


Confidence is, no doubt, an irresistible trait. To appear confident, you need to align yourself with your purpose.

Having a purpose basically means being focused on something that fulfills you and not letting anything stand in your way.

Also, don’t attempt to break the ice with women using cliché approaches. There is power in originality and women like original.

Unapologetically honest

Having your own opinion shows a woman that you are confident and have dignity. It also gives the impression that you aren’t just trying to impress her.

You can respectfully challenge her views and still have her respect and admiration. This way you come out as someone grounded in his personal views. Honesty goes a long way in creating an emotional connection with your lady.


Good manners are attractive and the way you treat others is a reflection of your character.

When you treat others well, not necessarily your lady, you are showing her a side of you that makes her feel confident about you. She gets convinced that you are bound to respect and treat her well.

Being informed

Ladies want to be able to have meaningful conversations with a man and learn one or two things from the conversation.

When she knows that she can rely on you for advice and tips a connection naturally builds.

Also, being informed and educated gives you a sense of strength and stability.


Humour is a magical glue when it comes to dating. Ladies like men who make them laugh and men like ladies who enjoy and laugh at their jokes.

Funny people are seen as smart, that’s just how it is. Unfortunately we are not all born funny. To garner more ‘points,’ how about you learn how to make them laugh? Be intelligent and mature while at it.

Remember, nothing turns off women like a man who thinks he is humorous when in reality he is not. You have to ensure she is genuinely feeling your vibe. 

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