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If you can't pay your bills, be ready to chonga viazi

Broke Kenyan woman
 Get ready to chonga viazi if you cannot pay bills      Photo:BlackCityGirlcom

There is no coming back from the humiliation of getting caught and charged for failing to pay a hotel or restaurant bill. If you have to chonga viazi for that, you'll only have yourself to blame. As far as I am concerned, women should style up if their chorus of 'independence' is to be taken seriously. Failing to do so will confine you to the trash bin with a 'deadbeat' label on the sides!

No grooming or smooth talking can get you out of such a demeaning depth.

I refuse to sympathise with the plight of women who shack up with men for fleeting luxury then act all dumbfounded when the men pull a fast one on them.

Why suffer all that indignity simply because you want to live beyond your means?

In this day and age, only fools spend more than they can afford.

Before you go splurging on luxuries with a guy you have just met, always make sure you have enough money to at least cover your own expenses.

If worse comes to the worst, you have yourself covered. That way, you won't end up standing in the dock answering to some very embarrassing charges.

I would be mortified if I had to be rescued out of such a demeaning situation!

Every day we hear of women left stranded in high-end restaurants because they could not foot the bill, yet women continue to put themselves in such situations. It is a crying shame.

I know of girls who go to nightclubs without enough money or without money at all, hoping to land some dude to buy them drinks and pay for their cab fare.

You have probably seen the unsuccessful ones shivering outside clubs waiting for the sun to come up so they can take a matatu.

Safety concerns aside, do you value yourself as a person even a little? Men are not stupid.

They can spot a gold-digger a mile off. If you do not value yourself, how do you expect him to value you?

He will let you spend as much as you like then leave your stupid behind to stew in your own juice.

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