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Decorating with bathroom mats


The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in a home, yet the most neglected in terms of décor. The simplest way to change the look and appeal of this small room is to use bathroom mats.

What I love about bathroom mats is that you can replace them whenever you want to experience a new look. They are available in home stores and mitumba shops. Second hand ones are more exciting because they come at an affordable price, and are available in a variety of exciting colours and patterns. This is an opportunity for you to express your personality using colours and patterns that appeal to you. The following ideas will help you give your bathroom a makeover without you spending a fortune in it.

Style: Bathroom mats come in varying styles and sizes, and you surely will never miss something you love. Choose a colour that blends with the rest of your bathroom décor. What you love will determine what you pick; you can go for the traditional look, country look, contemporary, or whichever look you fancy.

Colour: Bathroom mats come in a wide range of colours. When choosing a colour, consider the number of people who frequent your bathroom. The more the traffic, the darker the shade should be.

Casual mats: These mats are simple and fun at the same time. If you are a second-hand junkie, you will never run out of options. You will find them in shapes ranging from rectangle, circular, starfish shapes - you name it. Ensure you get a mat that has a rubber at the bottom for durability and also to ensure you don’t slip and fall in the bathroom.

Animal print: A set of mats in animal print is all you need to give your bathroom some happiness. How about a rug with rabbits or a beautiful birds pattern? It is not just suitable for families that have children, singles too can have them in their homes. These mats are suitable for those who love traditional décor. Leopard and zebra prints can make your bathroom come alive.

Floral: Flowers add colour and happiness to any bathroom be they fresh flowers or flower prints on mats or shower curtains. Flowered rugs are both trendy and practical in appeal. They are ideal for bathrooms that are painted in toned down colours or have plain tiles since they add a pop of life into them.

Fur mats: These can give your bathroom an exquisite appeal. For those who are neat freaks, white fur rugs will offer your bathroom a touch of glam and elegance, turning it into a welcoming room. They also offer a soft landing for your feet when you walk into your bathroom. You however, have to be careful with them as they easily get stained and need extra attention. Most are available only in white or cream.

Striped: If you are looking for a chic and refreshing bathroom, go for striped mats. Regardless of the colour you pick, stepping onto beautifully striped mats on a Monday morning will ensure you start your week on a happy note. Stripes also make a small bathroom look more spacious.

Cotton loop mats: These are soft and cosy and when you step on them, they make your feet feel warm. Most people love them because of their softness and the fact that they are available in many colours. They are also fashionable.

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