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Alas! Women should use sex to get whatever they want from men

Lady Speak

Sex is a very powerful tool that women have been blessed with. We see women in movies using sex to get whatever they want. It’s therefore imperative that all women embrace their sexual side and get the very best from men. Before we proceed, it’s important to note that we are not talking about prostitution here.

Women can stay for many days, weeks, months and even years without sex, not men. Even those who vow celibacy have a hard time trying to keep their vows. It’s as clear as day that very few men can do without sex. Having known that, it’s astonishing to hear of women who just have sex with men for free then say stupid things like “I love him”.

What is worse is that some women even pay for their fare to go and see a man. Then they slave in the kitchen and bedroom for a whole weekend or even weeks. Who cursed these poor women? Who told them that something good can come from being a free and cheerful giver of sex?

The thumb rules are simple, never give up sex until a man has brought the world at your feet. If he feels bringing the world at your feet is such a laborious task, he is free to leave and give way to a man who will give you the world. If a woman wants marriage, she should use sex to get it.

A man who wants to marry you should not get sex at the drop of a hat. He will wonder why he should buy a cow yet he gets milk free of charge. Your terms and conditions should apply. Just say you can’t give it up until marriage. If he is indeed interested, he will wait. Of course, he may go after the easy and cheerful givers of sex. Once he is done with them, your every wish and whim will be answered to the latter.

While many may call such a hardline stand on sex old school and unrealistic, let’s not forget women who are victims of hit and run. We all know of friends who succumbed to come we stay marriages, cohabited and have nothing but a broken heart to show for it.

In case a woman is not interested in marriage but she is a diehard gold digger, then sex should make her dreams come true. The gold digging act reads “always choose the highest bidder”. Prostitution is not an option. It’s a last resort for weak and excessive men. But believe me you, it never excites men. Just being a very hard to get woman works miracles. Poor married men with nothing to offer but sob stories about their marriage should not be entertained. Majority are mean and chauvinists.

They imagine that just being with a woman is enough. The men who want you should show effort. Being given pocket change when you need billions from a man is an insult. In that case, always postpone the sex story until you feel you can get all the money you want in that relationship.

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