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Are you the DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend?

Lady Speak

What do you do when you are everyones duff?

D.U.F.F is defined the designated ugly fat friend, the one friend that is in the background, under the shadow of her very good looking friends or his. It goes both ways, for both guys and girls.

In my case, I was the Duff in pretty much all aspects of my life, at home, at school, socially, being in the background was my comfort zone.

See, my sisters, are beautiful, and have the socially accepted slim frame, they look good in like 90% of everything they wear. Me, well, I had low self-esteem, and ate the sadness away, which added to the weight I already had. My friends were social butterflies and fit in with everyone, the nerds and beauty queens alike, I found socialising to be mentally draining and hated the discomfort I felt being with people I had nothing in common with.

So after a good number of years of being asked. where my sisters were, what they were doing, what their type of guy was, if they like this guy or that guy, what they find flattering, like really, the questions were endless, and to add on to that, being the conversant friend was annoying, like seriously, is it that hard to say hi to the girl you trying to mack on, I mean it’s a three letter word.

So, I eventually got tired of that, it is an annoying feeling really to know you're that friend. So to get over it, I had to get comfortable in my own skin, you see, I was the duff because I called myself that before anyone else said that to me, I got myself so low it was so easy for everyone else to just join in and break me into tinier peices and rebuild me as the D.U.F.F.

One can get over being the duff socially, just live by your own rules and not the societal status quo, people will latch on to your self confidence wagon but all you need is to get it together and you're good.

Being your sisters duff however, not the same, cause even if you get that self confidence, some idiot will still ask about your sisters and how he can get into their pants, now for that, I simply put one finger in the air and tell them to disappear, in a not so polite manner and keep it pushing.

One way or the other, we are all duffs, you either choose to live like that or you get your confidence and wear the label duff like a real boss and make it your b*ch.


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