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Use eggs for heathy hair

eggs as treatment

We love them on our breakfast table and they play a great role in baking process; but that is not all about eggs. They are known to do wonders to the hair.

The protein that is found in our hair is what keeps it strong. However, the many processes we expose our hair to including chemicalising and heat styling, robs it of this much-needed protein. In the process, the hair becomes weak leading to its falling. You may never achieve your desired length of hair if it keeps breaking.

Thanks to eggs, you can give your hair the much-desired protein. You can make a protein treatment at home by adding an egg to your favourite hair conditioner. Wash your hair, apply the mixture then cover it with a shower cap. Let it stay for about an hour before rinsing and styling.

This treatment makes your hair thicker and reduces breakage.

You could also be more adventurous and use only the egg yolk which is more nutritious to the hair than the whole egg.

Since it is loaded with vitamin A, D and E, the yolk nourishes and enriches your hair. The vitamins prevent hair breakage and thinning, and also protect it from UV rays and chlorine found in water.

Egg yolks have sulphur that relieves dandruff leading to a healthy scalp. They make your hair silkier, softer, voluminous and more manageable. Egg yolk can be used for the following purposes:

•             Moisturiser: The yolk penetrates your hair follicles and scalp and coats the hair thus keeping it moisturized. Beat an egg yolk and add almond oil, yogurt and honey to it. Apply it on your hair and leave on for an hour then rinse and style as usual.

•             Conditioner:  Mix a beaten egg yolk with ripe avocado to make a paste. Apply the paste to your hair and scalp and let it stay for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

•             Hair loss: Applying egg yolk to your scalp and hair prevents hair loss. Beat it in a bowl until it turns creamy; apply the same to your hair and scalp and let it stay on for half an hour then rinse. Using this treatment once a week will help you acquire the healthiest mane.


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