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Here is how to keep your bikini line clean and lean with no bumps

Girl Talk

Basically, I will have to repeat this; that it’s not a must you shave the hair on the bikini area but if you are #teamshaving we got you! Today we will focus on the bikini line. A woman’s bikini line is the edge of the area where pubic hair grows.

For those that shave their bikini line or want to try it out, it has to be done right! Do not go ahead and shave with no information/ guidelines for you may be disappointed and get tiny bumps and pimples! To avoid such this is what you need to pay attention to:

Kindly, find the right razor to shave- go to the supermarket or chemist and purchase one that will make your bikini line look the way you have always envisioned. If you want to be a little more groomed but not completely bald down there, try a men's beard trimmer It's fast, and is less likely to irritate your skin the way shaving cream and a normal razor might. One can also find shavers and trimmers made specifically for your bikini area depending on the model/brand.

You need to use a sharp razor- of course if you use a blunt razor, it won't shave evenly. It will leave you with patches which is so unattractive and it could get itchy. Purchase a sharp one and shave all the hair if you want that.

Always start by trimming your hair first- don’t just take you razor and shave everything! First, trim down the edges everywhere until the hair is a few centimeters long. You can use a pair of scissors or try a bikini trimmer. It could be non-electric or battery-powered. If you are happy with the length of your hair after trimming, you can stop there and you don't have to shave everything off.

Gently exfoliate your skin before you start shaving- According to Dr. Michele S. Green, a New York City dermatologist told BuzzFeed Life. It makes the skin softer, and makes the hair pop up a little bit, so it's easier to get the hair at the root. Plus, it also reduces the chance of ingrown hairs.  It makes the skin soft and the hair pop up a little, so it's easier to get the hair at the root. In addition to that, it also reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. If you wouldn't use it on your face, don't use it between your legs.

Apply a shaving cream- it should be unscented because scented always causes skin irritation. Just aim for oil-based  shaving cream like coconut oil, olive oil, mineral oil, or baby oil. But Dr. Green recommends sticking with a gentle shaving cream.Oils can irritate your skin and clog your pores.





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