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The weird thoughts on every girl’s mind whenever they go for a sleepover at a guy’s place

Girl Talk

We have all had first-time sleepovers in our lives. It could have been planned or something completely unplanned for. Whichever, you did a sleepover and we all share common thoughts that we experienced that first time. Here are some of the most common ones:

Should I help in the kitchen?

It’s time to fix dinner or even clean the dishes after the meal and you are debating within yourself whether or not to give a helping mind. What if he thinks I am lazy? What if he thinks I am trying so hard to impress him?

What will I sleep in?

? Should I borrow his shirt and sleep in it as a way of sending a signal or should I just sleep in my jeans until he suggests otherwise? We all do not know what this guy prefers to bed so this question pops up in every girl’s mind.


Should I give in or should I say no?

 Sometimes we are usually not decided whether to have sex on the first sleepover or not. Although some people tend to assume that sleepovers translate to a night of romp, it can be pretty confusing for some girls especially if you are having a ‘dry spell’ and still do not want to ‘look cheap’.

I hope I am still smooth down there

It’s been two days since you had a shave/waxed and a sleepover just happens. Girls can’t stop thinking of the condition of their Ps. They hope against hope that they are not bushy just yet in case the ’inevitable’ happens. No dude wishes to find a bush/forest there.

Loo time

How do I pee silently? Worse still, what if I want to take a poop? This is a nightmare for every girl. I mean, no one wants to go to take a pee and the sound coming out is that of a water tap with so much pressure. And if it comes to pooping, you dread leaving the whole place with a foul smell. You do not even know where the air freshener is at.

I hope I don’t fart?

It is natural to pass gas when sleeping but it can be pretty embarrassing for girls making first-time sleepovers especially if you share the bed with your host. So we pray and hope that this biological occurrence does not catch up with us.

What do I do now that I am up?

 The morning after and you are up before your host. You can’t stop thinking of what you are supposed to do. Should I wake him up? Does he maybe expect me to make some breakfast for him? Did I wake up so early?

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