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#FashionTips: How to style your black tights

Fashion Tips
 Black tights can make a fashion statement if you style them right (Shutterstock)

When the black tights fashion trend came to life, they were everywhere. This is one of the trends that hit the streets hard, and although they are no longer as common they are not as popular.

Probably you are still wondering what to do with all the five pairs or so tights you bought during the shopping frenzy.

Black tights can still make a fashion statement if you style them in a number of ways, here are some tips:

Boots any day

Tights and boots is a union no one can break. They blend perfectly and balance out outfits.

Tights are slim in nature and in order to balance out the proportions, you need shoes like boots preferably those that can cover the hem of the tights so that it gives a neater finish.

When matching tight outfits, always ensure that the top you go for is not tight. This way your outfit can have some structure. Avoid putting on doll shoes and sandals with your tights when leaving the house as they tone down your outfit.

Ripped jeans

Do you feel uncomfortable rocking your pair of ripped jeans because they are too exposing? Well, here is your chance. You can put on your tights inside to cover the excess skin when putting on ripped jeans. Your black tights will actually make your jeans look neater and stylish.

When pairing the two always go with blue jeans to give it a more edgy look. Black ripped jeans can work with tights but if you cannot get the shades right, the final look will be a bit uncoordinated.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses or dress tops, this is the way to go. Match your black tights with a dress top and watch it transform into the perfect outfit. As I had mentioned earlier, it’s all about balancing the proportions. When the top part is wide and large, the bottom should be slim and nothing is slimmer than tights.

Furthermore, you can go all in and add accessories like a belt to give your shirt dress structure and the hour glass shape. Avoid dress tops that are tight and elastic, they are too old fashioned and the blend with tights never looks good.


Black tights can be matched with kimonos, cover ups and waterfalls, all these can fall under the same category. Although it is good to focus on the kimono when styling black tights this is because a Kimono is longer and it will balance well with tights because they are not heavy like jeans.

Waterfalls and cover ups can work but they complement better with skinny jeans. Kimonos come in lighter material and can be accessorized using a belt to make it look like a long dress while the tight peeps from inside.

Tip: Never put on black tights with coloured or printed underwear. Always go for a black underwear.

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