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What you need to know before buying perfume

Fashion and Beauty
 Experiment with a variety of scents before settling on a favourite (Shutterstock)

We will forever be grateful to the person who invented perfume. I mean, imagine a world where we all smelt the same? A world with no fragrance would mean nothing to thrill our nostrils, just the smell of plain old sweat.

To choose fragrance is to choose a better fresher body odour and nothing is more appealing than a person who smells nice, people will be attracted to you like a cat to catnip.

If you are looking for the perfect perfume here are some things you need to consider:

Learn about the various notes

Perfumes come in different notes, the top note is the first fragrance you smell when you immediately spray the perfume. Usually they don’t last all day like the florals. The central scents are heavier and will last longer than the top notes but eventually fade at the end of the day.

Finally, we have the base notes, they are the heaviest and will last all day, maybe even week. They are the heart of good perfumes.

Tip: It is important to know how strong of a scent you can handle before settling on one.

 Perfumes come in a variety scents and concentrations (Shutterstock)
Know what you like

When selecting perfumes, it all comes down to what you like. Perfumes come in a variety of scents and concentrations and some people like it when they musk the room and leave a trace on everything they touch, while for others, they like it simple and subtle.

Some of the various scents may include but are not limited to: oriental, flowery, fruity, woody, and metallic. Depending on what captures your fancy, go for it.

Tip: Avoid buying perfumes from what people recommend as each person has what works for them.


They say cheap is expensive and when it comes to perfumes this statement is quite literal. Cheaper perfumes are less likely to last all day. This is because they contain less concentration of perfume oils in comparison to the expensive ones.

Cheaper perfumes like the top note fragrances are made of essential oils and synthetic scents hence the price and how long they last.

However, not all expensive perfumes are worth the price tag, sometimes it may all be about the brand and packaging.

 Perfumes last longer in areas that are in motion like the wrist (Shutterstock)
Where to spray

When it comes to spraying perfume it’s not all about wafting it into the air and praying it lasts all day, you have to be intentional with where to spray. Most good perfumes work best with body parts that emit heat or are frequently in motion.

The best places to spray your perfumes are around the neck or behind your ear lobes, behind your knees, along your wrists and your inner elbows.

Tip: Not unless your skin reacts to perfume avoid spraying your clothes as this may lead to permanent stains.

How to make it last longer

Of course with everything invented there is always a way to make it last longer and fragrances are no exception. If you love the top note fragrances that take a shorter time, after showering you can apply a moisturizer that is similar to your perfume. This way it can last all day.

Another trick is to apply petroleum jelly on the exact spots you will be spraying your perfume this helps with masking the perfume to your skin and preventing it from evaporating quickly.


Bonus Tip: Before settling on a perfume, experiment with as many as you can. After all, what is the harm in having more than one?

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