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How to make herbal shampoo at home with common kitchen ingredients

DIY Fixes and Tips
 Herbal shampoo will eliminate dandruff and boost the overall health of your hair (Photo: Shutterstock)

When it comes to beauty, there has been a huge shift to natural products. People have become more conscious of what they’re putting on their hair and skin as well.

Recent studies have shown how deep the effects of the products we apply on our bodies and hair are. When the toxins from the chemicals get absorbed into the body, they can affect reproductive health and hormonal balance in the body. 

It’s much better to use organic hair masks, oils and conditioners for many other reasons other than protecting your health. They’re gentler on your hair even for those with sensitive scalps. Instead of stripping away the nutrients in your hair like other products, natural products add more benefits and repair any hair damage. As a result, so many women, especially African women, are finding themselves again and learning to love their hair.

A crucial part of hair care is washing. The wrong product will dry out your hair and make it brittle, which is common with chemical shampoos. That’s why you should start making your own shampoo at home. 

There is a therapeutic side to making your own shampoo. You’re assured that the products in the shampoo will benefit your hair rather than destroy it. You too can learn to make your own herbal shampoo at home.

This shampoo will eliminate dandruff and boost the overall health of your hair. 

Here is how to make your own shampoo at home.


You’ll need sage, thyme, lavender, rosemary, coconut oil, aloe vera and pure castile soap.

Sage helps strengthen your hair and prevents thinning, bald spots and general hair fall. Thyme and rosemary increase blood circulation to your scalp which stimulates growth. Lavender is an antibacterial and coconut oil and aloe vera condition your hair.

The castile soap will help the shampoo lather and lift the dirt in your pores.

 Many African women are falling in love with their hair again (Photo: Shutterstock)


1. Mix the thyme, sage, lavender and rosemary together in a cooking pot. Pour two or three cups of water into the pot. Pour enough water because some of it will evaporate while boiling.

2. Set the cooker on low heat and let the mixture boil for a few minutes before adding pieces of aloe Vera. Stir the mixture occasionally to get all the nutrients. Once the water is brown, it’s ready.

3. Let it cool for a few minutes and sieve the mixture into a clean bowl to get the debris out. Get your pure castile soap and mix some of it into your herbal water. For every cup of soap, there should be four or five cups of herbal water. Mix the soap in a bit at a time as you stir.

4. When you’re done, add a quarter cup of coconut oil for conditioning. Make sure you’ve mixed it in well. Transfer the shampoo to a container and let it set for a few days.

Extra tips

You should know that natural shampoos don’t usually lather like chemical shampoos, but they still have all the same benefits. You can also add a little bit of water to the shampoo when using it to increase its longevity.

To complete the benefits of the shampoo, clarify your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse after washing. 

Moisturize thereafter and use a protective hairstyle to give your hair a break and time to heal.

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