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Are you ready to get a pet?

Getting a pet is literally like adding a new family member. Are you prepared to dedicate yourself to it? Because it will require the same care and time you give your loved ones?
By Esther Muchene 23h ago
I have always been a bit sensitive, worrying over every trivial remark and sensing criticism and judgment everywhere. Am I stuck with this or is it possible to change it?
By Chris Hart 23h ago
Body image can be defined as the perception we have of ourselves physically, and many people struggle to embrace what they see in the mirror
By Esther Muchene Dec. 2, 2022
If you don't do your hair at home, it is understandable that you don’t want to deal with the hassle. However, after reading these five advantages, you might reconsider
By Esther Muchene Dec. 2, 2022
Non-pet owners might not necessarily understand why you feel sad about losing a cat or a dog but, those who understand recognise that grief is real
By Esther Muchene Dec. 2, 2022
Festivities are usually intertwined with excesses, not least eating and drinking habits, all compounded by short-term behavioural changes
By Dr Alfred Murage Dec. 2, 2022
Studies show that at least 75% of teenagers will have had sex at least once by the age of 19
By Eve Waruingi Dec. 1, 2022
Time blocking not only helps you create order in your life but it will help you account for every single hour unlike a general to-do list
By Esther Muchene Dec. 1, 2022
Some of them may be legitimately exhausted, while others may be trying to avoid the private chats that generally follow an intimate moment
By Esther Muchene Dec. 1, 2022
Generally, the age that is safest for children to start lessons is four years. However, some parents and safety instructors encourage these lessons as early as six months
By Esther Muchene Dec. 1, 2022
Most people focus on problems like drug abuse, alcoholism, or even sex addiction. But what happens when the addiction is to a somewhat more socially acceptable product, like a phone?
By Esther Muchene Dec. 1, 2022
Being a parent is not a simple journey you can embark on without any preparation and make it through in one piece.  It takes a lot of preparation, both financially and mentally
By Esther Muchene Dec. 1, 2022