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Here are the health benefits of sex that you probably do not know

Between The Sheets

Dear Eve,

What are the health benefits of sex? 


Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for asking this question. I realise that sometimes, I get so caught up with solving and resolving sex-related issues that I forget to point out some of the more positive aspects. 

Sex is correlated with many wonderful aspects of being alive. First on that list? It feels good. At least it should and when it doesn’t, it falls upon me and others like me – including doctors – to try and understand what could be getting in the way of sexual pleasure. Sex is built for function as well as for fun; in fact, humans are one of very few species that can and do have sex just for fun. Other species have it for procreation only. If you ever needed a reason to celebrate being human, here’s a pretty significant one.

It feels good

The feeling good is not limited for the duration of the sexual activity but thereafter. The end of sex is marked – usually – by a climax also known as an orgasm. Many men and women admit that this sensation is one of the most positively overwhelming sensations of the human experience. That climax leads to a peacefully pleasant calming down in which humans experience another less dramatic but just as intense pleasure of happiness. This is because sex itself triggers feel good ‘chemicals’ like oxytocin – nicknamed the “love hormone” – and endorphins – nature’s own pain killers. 

Great exercise

Be honest Ahmed; how often do you say to yourself and your friends “I need to hit the gym/lose some weight/get fit” when in reality, you would rather stay home and watch something or go out and do something more enjoyable? Well sir, sex is exercise you can actually enjoy! It may not replace the gym but isn’t it amazing to see that God/nature built in pleasure and physical fitness into the same activity, requiring no external props? I think so. All it takes is sex, two to three times per week and you have yourself some pretty good cardio activity in a more fun gym.

Boosts your health

Studies have shown that people who had sex as little as one to two times per week were healthier, thanks to an increase of the immunoglobulin A (IgA) hormone, which offers protection against colds and flu. Meanwhile, the DHEA – also nicknamed the anti-aging hormone – is secreted after orgasm increasing up to five times its normal levels. Sex doesn’t just ward off colds, flus and premature aging, it is correlated with an improvement in other areas of your health including depression (that wonderful oxytocin fosters bonding and connection while making you feel good), blood pressure (all that cardio!), arthritis (the limber movements that happen as a natural part of sex and nature’s own pain killer) and even those headaches that are too often associated with women; turns out that sex is a cure! Sex is also linked to an improvement of a man’s prostate health.

In addition, those who choose to have sex during their (or their partner’s) menstrual cycle will be happy to know that sex is also positively linked to a reduction in period cramps. The long and short of it is, sex is correlated with keeping you younger, happier and healthier!

Cures insomnia and increases libido

Now, if you have serious insomnia caused by underlying issues then you may need the intervention of modern medicine.

However, for those people who constantly talk about being unable to sleep when they should be asleep, here’s nature’s own insomnia cure. The oxytocin that floods your system right before orgasm also causes sleepiness and an intense sense of relaxation – not to mention that most people are genuinely tired because sex is exercise. In short, an orgasm keeps insomnia away so next time you’re lying awake wondering why sleep eludes you, or you’re wondering why your sex drive isn’t what it used to be, perhaps that is your body’s way of asking for what it needs.

Improves mood

Regular sex puts you in a good mood and keeps you in a good mood. Honestly, it makes sense that anything that is responsible for improving prostate health, easing cramps, improving range of motion, reducing pain, reducing insomnia, preventing colds and flu, and all the many other things that have been mentioned in this article is bound to put anyone in a bad mood. If this was a pill, we would all be trying to package it and market it. As it turns out, we all already come pre-installed with the ability to use it at our convenience and discretion!

So, Ahmed, I hope that the next time you ask yourself “what are the benefits of sex”, you will challenge yourself to find even more benefits than what has been mentioned here, and then you will enjoy it while you can and as you wish. Here’s to a happier, healthier, sex-full week!

Maggie Gitu holds an MA in Marriage & Family Therapy. She practices as a Marriage, Family & Sex Therapist. Reach her at [email protected] or via her Facebook page: Maggie Gitu 

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