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I have everything but I am unhappy

 I have everything but I am unhappy (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

My life is pretty good. I have an excellent job, plenty of friends, plenty of dates, and a nice family. But somehow I never feel content. What is wrong? What am I missing?


Chris says,

Hi, Unhappy!

It sounds like you have all you need for a good life, so striving for more money or possessions won’t make you any happier.

Because once you have the basics, happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy by behaving in ways that will make you feel happier.

For example, by choosing to cultivate a more optimistic and outgoing outlook, and consciously smiling more. Because people who do have more friends and closer personal relationships. You will also be happier if you get married, provided you choose your husband well. And make plenty of time for your spouse and children.

Avoid holding grudges, forgive and forget, and get on with life. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Speak well of others, and count your blessings instead of worrying about what you don’t have. 

Above all, avoid comparing yourself to other people, and don’t worry about what they think of you, though you should always listen to what they have to say. Become a good listener, keeping your mind open to others’ outlook on the world. But never seek anyone’s approval but your own

Choose your friends carefully. Wise and positive people, who encourage you towards your goals, and never lead you astray.

Accept life as it is, because things are never ‘fair.’ And some things just can’t be changed. So focus on what you can control and change that for the better.

Above all, recognise that pursuing wealth and status creates more anxiety than happiness.

All the best,


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