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Remove false eyelashes at home with these hacks

Fashion and Beauty
 You need to safely remove falsies without ripping out your natural lashes (Photo: Insider)

There are only a handful of people who have mastered the art of applying and removing falsies at home. The tough part is removing them considering how delicate the eyes are.

Water alone isn’t enough to break down the glue and if you don’t have the right remover it can be a bit of a struggle.

The good thing is that you can learn how to remove them at home with simple tools and oils. Here are instructions on how you can safely remove them without ripping your natural lashes out:

What you will need:

First, you will need thick oil. Castor oil is a great choice because it’s not runny, which means it won’t easily enter your eye. It also has some nourishing benefits for your lashes as well, so, double win.

Next, you will need an eyelash brush, which is similar to what you use to apply mascara. Ensure that it is clean before you use it and if you don’t have one, you can get some earbuds.

The third item you will need is a clean cotton pad. This works better than plain cotton wool because it doesn’t release cotton strings and particles into your eye.

Step one

If you have any makeup on, wash it out first. This will ensure that no mascara, powder, eyeshadow or foundation ends up in your eyes.

 Always remember to clean your falsy after use (Photo: Courtesy)

Step two

Grab your castor oil and to make things easier, pour a small amount into a clean, separate container. This will prevent contamination as well.

Step three

Dip your eyelash brush or earbud in castor oil and coat your lashes like you would if you were applying mascara.

Be very gentle and apply small amounts at a time as you saturate your lashes. Also, be careful not to poke your eyes.

Step four

After coating your lashes, let the castor oil sit for five to ten minutes. This will give enough time for the oil to break down the glue.

As you wait, you can gently brush the lashes to help loosen up the glue.

Step five

Once the oil has lifted the glue, get your cotton pad, close your eyes and loosen the lashes gently. If there are some that aren’t coming off easily, you can repeat the coating process and then gently remove them with the cotton pad.

Step six

Once everything is out, use a fresh cotton pad to remove any excess oil on your eyelids and lashes. Then finally, wash your face or use a gentle cleaner to remove any oil that is left and you’re all done.

Tip: If you have strip lashes, you can apply castor oil on the top line where glue has been applied. Give it a few minutes then use your fingers to gently remove the strip from the outer corner. As you remove it, be careful to only grab the false lash and not your natural eyelashes. 

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