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How to clean your makeup sponge

Beauty blenders are great for blending concealer and appling setting powder (Photo: Shutterstock)

Beauty blenders are fairly new to the world of makeup. We only used to focus on makeup brushes until beauty blenders stole the show. I love using sponges to blend in my concealer and to set my powder. I don’t think brushes really get the job done as good as sponges do. Speaking from my experience, that is.

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One main problem with sponges is the dirt and bacteria that accumulates. And washing them can be a little tricky because you can’t scrub with a brush or wash them like clothes. 

Good thing is, there’s a way you can preserve your sponges and get them clean all at once. Here is how. 

What you’ll need

There’s nothing complicated with this one. Normal bar soap gets the job done best or even beauty blender cleaners. To avoid all that stress of looking for cleaners, just use your usual soap. Avoid anything too harsh to avoid skin reactions. Get your cleaning pad if you have one.

1. Wet the sponge and soap

The water allows the soap to lift the dirt properly. Let the sponge soak up the water for a few seconds and don’t leave any areas uncovered. Feel free to use warm water because that also kills bacteria effectively. If you’re using a tap, close it once you’re done wetting the sponge and move to the next step.

2. Rub the sponge on the soap or cleaning pad

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Hold the sponge in one hand and the soap in the other, then gently rub the sponge on the soap. Rub it back forth or in circular motions to ensure all the dirt is out. You’ll notice that the soap has started to lather and literally see the makeup products draining from the sponge. Don’t rush the process and try to focus on the seriously stained places. Avoid scrubbing the stubborn stains with your nails because that will tear the sponge. If you’re using a cleaning pad, rub the sponge on the soap until it lathers then gently scrub the sponge on the ridges of the pad.

Avoid scrubbing the stubborn stains with your nails because that will tear the sponge (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Squeeze gently

Once you’re comfortable that most of the makeup is out, squeeze the sponge a few times under running water to remove some of the dirt that is trapped inside the sponge. Rub the stains with your fingers as well. Repeat the previous cleaning step once more.

4. Rinse well

For a final rinse, squeeze the sponge under running water until you’re sure all the soap is out. Don’t let any soap residue settle in the sponge because it might ruin your makeup application process the next time you try to use it.

5. Let it air dry

After squeezing the water out, lay your sponge on a clean cloth and let it air dry properly. A damp sponge will harbor bacteria which will cause a breakout.

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Remember that sponges tend to stain after a couple of uses. Don’t be alarmed if your sponge isn’t perfectly stain free because it doesn’t mean your sponge is dirty. If you want to get it as spotless as possible, try different beauty blender cleaners. 

You should also clean them after every use to minimize the risk of breakouts. 

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