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What not to do on an awkward date

People who only talk about themselves are a turn off (Shutterstock)

Roses are red and dates can get awkward. Being on a first date, those initial seconds can be tough. Sometimes even the whole date. This is so when your partner isn't exciting or does any of the things below.

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Scrolling their phone

It's unbelievable how some people have the audacity to use their phones even when on a date. This makes the date awkward and shouts disrespect. Dates are meant to be personal, not virtual. So when you are in a restaurant or park, sitting side by side, why should the other person be scrolling through their Instagram? Unless it's a medical or work emergency, phone use during a date makes things get murky.

Interview your date

Some dates feel like fortune 500 company interviews with questions sounding like they were crammed from a questionnaire.

Having questions that don't lead to stories or give your date freedom, skyrockets the awkwardness of that date. There's something about being free during a date which makes someone open up more.

There's something about being free during a date (Shutterstock)

Bring up controversial topics

Politics, medical history, religion, are all controversial topics that should be avoided at all costs. Speaking about these during your date sprouts emotions that could go haywire between you two. These topics make people tense, while others may feel attacked, especially if you are of different mindsets.

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Only talking about yourself

People who only talk about themselves are a turn off in a date. Not to mean that you shouldn't tell your date about yourself, but you're meant to show interest in them as well. When you're only talking about yourself and bragging about this and that, the other person feels undervalued. To avoid awkwardness, ask your date about them instead of talking about yourself. It depicts interest and value.

Remember, a date is a two-way street where both of you have to walk and talk to meet in the middle. Happy dating!

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