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How to value your partner in the relationship

Value has everything to do with seeing your partner as an equal, treating them like a gem (Shutterstock)

Being in a relationship and sustaining it needs to involve two caring people who value each other. Value has everything to do with seeing your partner as an equal, treating them like a gem and loving them through thick and thin. Here are other ways you can show your partner that you value them

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Prioritize your partner

We live in a world where there is so much clogging our minds that we may forget to put our loved ones first. Consider being bombarded by work, kids, and other things life throws at you, then still have to prioritize your partner. Hard, isn't it? It shouldn't be.

Treating your partner as a number one is easy by incorporating them in everything you do. Call your partner first thing in the morning, communicate with them often, care about their well-being, and watch your relationship blossom.

Respect them

How many times do you hear your partner complaining that you don't respect them? Even if they don't show it, when disrespect begins to creep into a relationship, it is set for doom. Part of valuing your partner involves being able to uphold them, listen to their opinions as they voice them and consider their opinions during decision-making.

Valuing your partner involves open communication between the two of you (Shutterstock)

Show your partner appreciation

Saying "you mean the world to me'' is not meant to be left at the dating phase only. Make a habit of appreciating your partner, always applying the love language that suits them. It could be words of affirmation, quality time, touch or acts of service. Whatever your partner responds to, do it as you vocalize your gratitude towards them. Everyone responds well to praise.

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Give them public acknowledgement

A while back in a couple's seminar, my husband and I chatted with a certain couple as we networked with others. On asking them what they disliked and liked about each other, the lady went all out to air the partner's dirty linen. Sadly, you could see how injured the man's esteem was. This wasn't a show of value. From that experience, the lady would have rationed her words and tried to offer the man acknowledgement.

Spend quality time

Absence makes the heart grow yonder. When you want to show you value your relationship, creating time for each other should be first. Make time for that date night or let the kids sleep early and watch a movie together. Soaking in each other's love will shield you from the many things that affect strained relationships.


Working through showing your partner that you value them takes time. It will also involve open communication between the two of you as your partner should be able to express themselves if they feel undervalued. All in all, a relationship where people value each other is very invaluable.

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