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Misconceptions about orgasms debunked

 Orgasms have been placed on a pedestal as the only goal for intimacy (Shutterstock)

Due to the fact that orgasms have been placed on a pedestal as the only goal for intimacy, several misconceptions surround it. Science reveals some pretty amazing stuff about this:

1. Orgasms only occur during sexual stimulation

The truth is that orgasms do not exclusively involve the genitals. There is credible scientific evidence that demonstrates exercise-induced orgasm. 20 per cent of women who have experienced exercise-induced orgasms could not control it.

2. Only women have problems with orgasms

No. Both genders experience orgasm disorders. The contributing factors may be biological, physical or psychological.

3. Women do not suffer from unresolved stimulation

Unfulfilled sexual desire in men results in a sometimes agonising feeling; what is commonly known as “blue balls.” Fact is, women experience the discomfort of an unresolved stimulation too. No matter the anatomy, aroused sexual parts can ache when they go unresolved.

4. Faking it boosts a male partner’s ego

When a woman fakes it, it can be considered as a form of lying. You are simply neglecting your own satisfaction and misleading your partner. You owe it to yourself too to express unfulfilled needs.

What’s the silliest rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself?

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