Evewoman : How often should I change my makeup?


How often should I change my makeup?

As you buy makeup, always consider its shelf life (Photo: Shutterstock)

Every girl loves a touch of makeup if not on a daily basis, at least on very special occasions. A little bit of mascara here, some blush there and voila, you’re transformed into a beautiful goddess.

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As we buy makeup, many of us barely think about shelf life. I’ve kept my makeup products until I’m ready to buy some new ones.

But thinking of all the consequences that can come with wearing expired makeup is enough to make anyone pay more attention to how long they should last.

Feel free to use this list as a guide on how long you should keep your makeup products.

i. Foundation

A good foundation is one that matches your skin tone perfectly and one that caters to your skin’s needs whether it’s oily, dry or a combination. On average, foundation should last about a year before it expires. Foundations are particularly sensitive because they can cause breakouts when they’ve been kept past their shelf life.

ii. Mascara and liquid eyeliner

Mascara is popularly used to give eyelashes a fuller look and make your eyes appear bigger. It’s a simple, easily overlooked product and yet it makes a huge difference once you apply it. The same happens when you have that bold liquid liner and the perfect cat-eye swoop. These products should have a shelf life of around three to six months because of the major risk of eye infections.

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A swipe of lipstick will instantly transform your look (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. Lipstick

Are you a matte or creamy lipstick type of girl? Whatever your preference, lipsticks often hit that expiry date six months to one year after being opened. Keep it for too long and it will harbour harmful bacteria causing unwanted lip infections.

iv. Eye shadow

These also come in a variety including the traditional powder palettes and the cream eye shadows. The powder eye shadows can last up to two years. The cream-based eye shadows are more likely to harbour bacteria which is why they need to be tossed earlier after a year.

v. Powder

Powders have a relatively long shelf life hence they can be kept for one year or more without causing any trouble.

Eye shadows can either be dramatic or subtle (Photo: Shutterstock)

vi. Pencil eyeliner

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Pencil eye liner is also has a longer shelf life. It can last even more than a year depending on how often you sharpen and clean it.

vii. Lip-gloss

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The nature of lip gloss, the combination of an applicator and tube, makes this type of makeup delicate. That constant dipping and applying can attract infections so it should be used for between three months to a year.

The best way to know the shelf life of any product is to look at what’s indicated on the package. On the packaging you will see an image of an open tin with a certain number on it. This number indicates how long the product should be used once it is opened.

Also, if a product consistency starts changing or you notice the smell or colour is different, throw it away immediately. Better safe than sorry.

To avoid throwing your makeup out prematurely, always make sure you seal them properly, observe high levels of hygiene and store them accordingly.

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