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How to stop rushing into love

There's always a time when it's red for stop, amber for wait and green to signal go (Shutterstock)

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Love is an amazing feeling and you may think that plunging deeper and faster makes it better. It can be a roller-coaster, especially as it involves merging two people's emotions and backgrounds. While at it, it may be hard to even determine whether you are rushing the spark or not.

Here are some guiding steps that can ensure you're not on speed gear five

Don't open up too quickly

You meet a new person, it's a big bang reality and the stars in your head can't stop spinning. Before you know it, you've shared more than what your CV contains within the first date. Whereas there is no problem in being open, it sure is risky to go overboard.

People fall in love as they share information about each other on their past and future plans. If you spill these too soon, you may be exposing yourself to being hooked to someone too early.

Stick to your boundaries

If you've observed that you're constantly doing things you would normally not do, it's time you took a chill pill. Your boundaries are your flunks and should guide how you behave. There's absolutely no issue with being spontaneous as it reveals you can be open to adventure. However, if your values and boundaries are on the line, you're rushing. Being in love should give you room for sober thinking so that you don't make regretful decisions.

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Sometimes you just can't press pause on a good feeling ride (Shutterstock)

Have an accountability partner

That friend you think is not useful now that you've got a new catch could be your saving grace. Hold on to communicating with your friend who knows you better than the new person sweeping you off your feet. They will act as accountability partners who can notice when you are going astray. Sharing with them your escapades can help in giving you perspective and slowing down your love avalanche accordingly.

Distinguish between sex and compatibility

You may already have gotten intimate with your partner and thought that you've sealed the deal. Well, unless you've already tied the knot, sex and compatibility are different things. Such intimacy may deepen your bond but may cloud your judgement if you were looking for something longterm rather than casual.

Know when to take your relationship to the next level instead of jumping through some stages.

Value your time from the start

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To avoid rushing into love, you must be selfish with your time. You can't keep texting all day or being late at work because of last night’s extended dinner dates. Initially, make a habit of being rare and stop to assess your feelings.

Your conscious may fail to alert you when you're getting into a love spiral simply because you just can't press pause on a good feeling ride. All in all, applying the listed tactics may help you know how to use the love traffic lights. There's always a time when it's red for stop, amber for wait and green to signal go.

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