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How much fashion is too much fashion at work?

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and you need to be mindful of the impressions you make, especially at work (Shutterstock)

Personally, hands down, I live for fashion because it makes me happy. It’s great to see people dressed well because it shows that they are expressing themselves and being confident.

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I don’t think that there’s one formula to fashion because some fashionistas like trendy items while others prefer a more personal take on what they choose to wear. However, one thing that most of us can agree on is that dressing for the occasion matters.

When going to work, protocols and dress codes should be observed. Even when your work place is more lenient on dressing codes on certain days, no one should go overboard with their fashion sense.

It’s true that fashion is a form of self-expression but, it’s actually possible to get carried away while dressing for work.

Luckily, we’re here to help because this is a list of what not to wear while going to work.

  1. Club wear

Club wear should be left for the club. It’s not a good look when you’re wearing a shiny short dress and colorful stiletto heels at the office even during the weekend. You don’t want everyone at the office staring and wondering if you just came to work after a long night of partying.

  1. Lazy wear

Yes, we agree lazy wear is actually very comfortable. It gives us room to be ‘invisible’ in peace on those days when you don’t want to draw too much attention. However, the office isn’t the place for that. It’s not a good idea to go dressed in a huge hoodie, sweat pants and crocs because you want to be comfortable. This will make you look sloppy which isn’t what you want.

It’s not a good look when you’re wearing a shiny short dress and colorful stiletto heels at the office (Shutterstock)
  1. Dirty shoe trend

The world is full of so many fashion wonders and one of them is the dirty shoe trend. People actually spend a lot of money on dirty looking shoes and honestly, I still don’t understand this trend. Preserve this fashion sense for a casual meet up with your friends because this is a huge no-no at the office.

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  1. Clothes with offensive messages

Having offensive messages on clothes is regarded as a bold fashion move. The focus is on the message rather than the outfit and this is what the main purpose is. Still, it’s probably not wise to exercise this fashion freedom at your work place, so kindly save it for another day.

  1. Crop tops, tiny skirts and booty shorts

These are cute, fun and there are so many designs to pick from. Although we love them, wearing them at work can make you look indecent. It’ll attract the wrong kind of attention and this can possibly give you the wrong reputation at your workplace.

  1. Gym clothes

There are so many ways to make gym clothes look trendy.  It’s actually a form of street style that makes you look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. When it comes to your work pace though, it’s best to avoid this. Your workmates will subconsciously think that you’ve come directly after sweating it out at the gym. Not a good image.


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