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Celebrated news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi succumbs to cancer


Anjlee Gadhvi, news anchor at K24 TV, who has been battling liver cancer died yesterday. She succumbed at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

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The former KTN news anchor was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013, and she had opened up on social media on the treatment options she had sought, including going outside the country.

There was a public fund raising four years ago to help her raise funds. In her funds drive, she was able to raise more than Sh6 million within a few hours.

She announced that she had gone into remission, but in 2018, she went to India for a cyberknife procedure that involves radiation of the cancer cells. The procedure is done on the full body. 

“The body and disease has responded to this form of treatment and I had to finish what was left. Praying done and over!” she reported on her social media.


Four months ago, Gadhvi left her twitter followers in a sombre mood after sharing an emotional video trying to explain to her 5-year-old daughter why she has to leave the country for two weeks for specialized treatment in India.

In the video, amid tears, her little girl begged her mum to seek treatment at Agha Khan but Gadhvi reassuringly explained why seeking treatment in India was better.

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"Aga Khan has those machines but my doctor is in India and he knows how to check my chest better. So far I'm doing better, I don't need oxygen all the time, I don't need to nebulize all the time,” she explained to her daughter.

Anjlee during a chemotherapy session (Courtesy)

Cancer Free

The mother of two was over the moon three years ago after being declared cancer-free. Speaking at the time, Gadhvi said that she had taken up biking after receiving a second lease in life.

After being in remission for two years, the cancer reappeared, with Ghadvi detailing the terrible side-effects of the chemotherapy.

“Being strapped in a single position with my arms stretched above my head has made this body sore… Unpleasant side effects resulted in an inflamed throat, a tedious process of being unable to swallow or eat without pain.

“Had a few burns on my neck and chest, and boy do I value how important burps are! And flatulence! Love them, they are healthy. I would cringe in agony and suffocation when the air got stuck in my chest and I just couldn't burp... Least to say, my energy was being sapped,” she revealed.

She had two sons with her husband.

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Journalists, friends and family left messages of condolence, praising her brave fight and her jovial spirit that she carried to the end.

Our heartfelt condolences to Gadhvi's family and friends. May she rest in peace

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