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How to deal with a bridezilla

The bride can be rude and unruly, but it could be an indication of a deep-seated flaw (Shutterstock)

Planning a wedding is stressful. From dealing with the service providers to picking out your bridal party venue, dress, etc., the process can make the strongest of persons break down.

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Enter the bridezilla. This term basically refers to brides who become rude and unruly, berating anybody and everybody who comes in her path. This state has been blamed on the stress that wedding planning puts on brides but it could be an indication of a deep-seated flaw.

That aside, below are ways on how you can deal with a bridezilla without falling out with your friend/family.

1. Offer a shoulder to cry on

More often than not, the bride-to-be’s behaviour was triggered by stress. Instead of abandoning her in her hour of need, be there for her. Allow her to vent. You can also offer to help out with some of the wedding plans that might be stressing her. Many people assume that just because you’re planning your big day that the process should be enjoyable. In actual fact, it hardly is. Things can go wrong at any time and any mishaps on D-day will be chalked down to the bride’s inability to plan well. So be there for the bride when she needs to let out steam.

2. Remember the situation is only momentary

More often than not, the yelling and screaming will stop after the wedding. Bear with her and don’t let this temporary situation destroy an otherwise good relationship. If she says something hurtful, let it slide off your back and don’t hold a grudge. Remember as a friend you have promised to be there for her through the good and the bad.

With that in mind…

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3. Speak up if she’s out of line

If you feel that her antiques are getting out of hand, tell her. Nevertheless, be kind. It might be that she hasn’t noticed that she’s hurting other people with her unruliness and by pointing it out might help her tone down.

If you feel she needs a better intervention, get a family member she loves and trusts to speak to her. You can also speak to the groom-to-be to help in delegating tasks so that the bride has less on her plate.

If you feel her antiques are getting out of hand, let her know but be kind while at it (Shutterstock)

4. Help her unwind

Due to the pressure of planning a wedding, your friend might not have time to relax and unwind before the wedding. Steal her away for a few hours or a day and take her to her favourite restaurant or for a massage or even to do post-wedding shopping. You can help her get her trousseau ready. Do something that you know she enjoys and that will help her forget about the wedding planning albeit for a short while.

5. Offer solutions

If you notice that she’s freaking out about the fit of the dresses or a service provide who hasn’t delivered as promised, offer to help out. You could recommend a tailor or offer to follow up with some of the service providers. Get close family and friends to help run wedding errands so as to take some of the weight off of the bride.

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