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Beyoncé turns 38, Happy birthday Queen!

Our queen, our mother, our provider of amazing music and lifelong quotes was born on a day like today 38 years ago. Who knew on that on day that a legend was born, one that would revolutionize the music industry? We are truly not worthy.

In honour of her birthday, we have decided to pick out some of her iconic looks from Instagram of course and post them. Feast your eyes on the beauty that is Mrs Carter:








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You can't even caption any image. They speak for themselves. This is the Queen people, bask in her beauty, appreciate her Goddess-attributes and bow your heads in respect. Today is a National Holiday, all you will listen to is Queen B. Who run the world? Beyoncé!!!


Ps. which song/album will you be jammin' to in honour of our Queen. Here at Eve Woman we got Lemonade album on repeat!

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