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Eight house plants that require minimal care

No-fuss, no muss. When you watch most YouTubers show off their house plants you’d think that it would be easy to grow your own little jungle. But if you don’t have a green thumb, a rapidly dying plant may put you off all plants, permanently. Not to worry, below are some indoor plants that require little to no maintenance. All you need to know is where in your home to place them (depending on the amount of light they require) and how frequently to water them.

1. Snake plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant has long, stiff, vertical leaves. It requires little light making it an ideal indoor plant. Water it about every 10 days or when you notice the leaves start to droop. Snake plants emit oxygen at night, therefore, purifying the air making them ideal for the bedroom.

2. Aloe vera

The gel in its leaves may be medicinal but aloe vera also makes for a great indoor plant. The succulent thrives in dry soil thus it needs very little watering, thus, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. Place it on a windowsill as it requires an adequate amount of sunlight. Aloe vera also purifies the air making it a great bedroom plant.

3. Spider plant

The spider plant is a fast-growing plant that beautifies any room. Place it in a place that has adequate sunlight like near a window and water it twice a week. Since this plant grows very fast it can easily be replanted. If its leaves get too long, simply trim them at the base.

4. Inch plant

This plant is also known as the “Purple Heart” or “Wandering Jew”. It can thrive when placed in sunlight or in dim light. When watering the inch plant, make sure the water goes deep into the pot. Ensure the top soil is dry before watering it again.

5. Cactus

Cacti come in different varieties. They are hardy plants that need little watering. Keep them in warm sunny areas.

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6. Succulents

These come in numerous varieties and can be used to enhance your home décor. Transplant them into pretty pots and leave them to prosper. They require vert little watering. You can grow several succulents in the same pot or grow them seperately.

7. Jade plant

The jade plant can grow in any type of soil and needs some sunlight (but not too much). It has thick stems and leaves which store water thus it doesn’t need too much water.

8. Devil’s ivy

This plant requires little sunlight, therefore, it can thrive in rooms that aren’t well-lit. It also purifies the air making it a great plant for a bedroom. Water infrequently and watch it grow.

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