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Simple beauty tricks that are great for your skin

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Everybody wants to have good skin. That’s why we spend thousands of shillings on skin care products which promise to get rid of acne, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and give a youthful skin. Nevertheless, there are some simple tricks that can improve the health and general appearance of your skin. Here are some:

Puffy eyes

A cold spoon (place it in the freezer the night before) on your eyelids will help reduce puffiness. You can also use a cold teabag or cucumber slices.

Massages shouldn’t only be limited to your lower body. A face massage will help get rid of puffiness under your eyes. It also helps improve blood circulation in your face, reduce fine lines and inflammation.


Change your pillowcase often. A dirty pillowcase holds bacteria, dirt and hair oil which can cause breakouts.

Your hands get in contact with many surfaces exposing them to a tonne of bacteria. Ensure you wash them often to avoid transferring dirt from your hands to your face. Alternatively, train yourself not to touch your face at all and watch as your skin thanks you for it.

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According to celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau, wrinkles are commonly caused by “squishing your face into a pillow”. Sleeping on your back instead will ensure you don’t press your face against your pillow thus reducing wrinkles.

A silk pillowcase will also help reduce wrinkles since it doesn’t hold creases which can be transferred to your skin.

Wastage of face products

Use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Silk is less absorbent than cotton which tends to absorb your face products not allowing them to work. A silk pillowcase will allow the products to stay put on your face.

As you apply your face products, give your face a massage to help them get absorbed.

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