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Teacher Wanjiku awarded at Miss Kenya USA Pageant

Teacher Wanjiku with all the contestants during the Miss Kenya USA pageant (Photo: Instagram @nyokabimunyaka)

Teacher Wanjiku was awarded the most influential woman of her time at the just concluded Miss Kenya USA pageant. The Kenyan comedian took to the stage to strut her stuff before being awarded. The pageant, which is aimed at celebrating the Kenyan beauty in the diaspora, brought together beautiful ladies dressed to the nines, all competing for the coveted title.

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Here are some of the looks from the catwalk.

Teacher Wanjiku with her award (Photo: Instagram @teacherwanjiku)

The contestants with the new reigning Miss Kenya USA 2019/2020  (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)

Wendy Odour in her traditional attire during the competition (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
Natasha Dirati a contestant in her traditional wear (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
Cyndee in her traditional wear (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
1st runner up, Hellen Kamau, in her traditional wear (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)

Evening wear

Neema Kimaru (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
Sue Kamau (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
Wendy Oduor who was crowned Miss Kenya USA 2019/2020 (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
1st runner up Hellen Kamau (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)
2nd runner up Cyndee (Photo: Instagram @misskenyauspageant)

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