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Kitchen gadget: Soup and sauce stirrer with timer

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Making the perfect sauce or soup can have you standing over the pot stirring away for a good number of minutes. I was watching a cooking show where the chef was making a sauce  and the chef used an automatic stirrer and I thought to myself, “not a bad gadget to have.” I have not bought one yet, but I have added it to my "to buy" list.

Some soup and sauce recipes require continuous stirring to get the right consistency. Just place the automatic stirrer in your cooking pot or pan with any simmering or low-heat liquid and set the timer. You can then leave it to stir on as you get on with other tasks without fearing that your soup/sauce will flop. You will save plenty of time and elbow grease!

Made from stainless steel and food grade plastic, this stirrer is strong and detachable. It requires A4 batteries and has a speed regulator (low, medium and high speed). Storage is simple. If you're not using it frequently it is advisable to remove the batteries and put them aside. It's not very big so it will fit in a drawer and won't take up much counter space. Look for it on Amazon.

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