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How to decorate a living room with one big window

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Living rooms come in all types and sizes with windows strewn all over the place in any fashion. The position of a window determines how you place furniture around your room. How you approach your window will either make decorating a challenge or a walk in the park. Here are a few ways to decorate a living room with a big window.

Along a half window

The first option is also the least preferred in design because we are cultured to think that windows should not be obstructed. When you think of it, a couch is always lower than a windowsill hence it does not at any point block the view. Position your couch along and in front of the window. This works for rooms that have the entrance on the opposite side of the window as well as rooms that require no TV in front of the big couch.

Accent chairs

Ceiling to floor windows allow the maximum possible amount of light into your room. To appreciate the beauty of a ceiling to floor window, use accent or occasional chairs to trick the eye into seeing an unobstructed window.

Mirror image

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Arrange your couches as a mirror image on the opposite walls adjacent to your window. This plan gives a room a nice and cosy feel not easy to achieve otherwise.

Steer clear

Stay clear of the windows and instead decorate around it. This is the first rule in decorating a room with a big window that is often broken to create a practical and more personalised space. Factors like which direction you want to face and which furniture pieces you have to work with will determine what you do with your window.

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