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Four ways to match your couch and wall

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You may have heard that your couch should look a lot different from the background. However, the reverse is also true. Sometimes you can delve into the world of monochrome and discover that a colour overdose and matchy-matchy vibe is not such a terrible idea after all. You can explore this concept with any colour but some colours work better than others. Here are some picks that work well for your couch and wall.

Fifty shades of grey

Grey on grey sounds a little too cold but when you vary your grey it does not. The key to nailing this look is to go for a wall colour two shades lighter than your couch. Grey is a neutral colour, which means that just like white and black it will work with any colour.

Emerald green

Emerald is the colour of forests and royals and a perfect choice for a monotone wall and couch combination. A velvet emerald couch would meld seamlessly into a matte emerald background. Diffuse the overwhelming power of emerald with honey coloured wood and gold accents.

Shades of sand

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Sand comes in many colours and all of them give a chaste, clean, minimalist feel. You can work with any colour from white, beige, greige and even black sand. Accent your space with other colours to break the monotony and keep your space cosy.

Navy sea

Navy furniture against a navy background is perfect for a grown up feel. The deep undertones of navy naturally make a room appear mysterious. Use this combination in a room with a good source of natural light and brighten up the atmosphere with a lighter coloured rug.


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