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Natural hair goddess: Kambua shows off natural hair

Kambua has 4C hair which she says has a lot of shrinkage (Photo: Instagram @kambuamuziki)

Gospel artiste Kambua took to Instagram to share her photos of her natural hair. The songstress also shared her hair routine saying, "I wing it!"

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The gospel artist attributed her thick hair to genes. (Photo: Instagram @kambuamuziki)

Kambua, who says she has 4C hair type said that her hair shrinks excessively when it comes into contact with water. "I used to hate that," she said, "Now I embrace the elasticity and have fun with it."

She added that most of her hairstyles are experiments that she can't redo (Photo: Instagram @kambuamuziki)

She went on to describe how she achieved a simple afro without the curls. "I took down the cornrows and left the 4 halfway done on the side (again just on a whim). And then because the fro was quite big, I sprayed some water on it.  I didn't want defined curls this time, so I just used my hands, instead of a comb.

Her secret to healthy, full natural hair: minimal manipulation (Photo: Instagram @kambuamuziki)

While giving advice to naturalistas, Kambua reiterated, "Your hair will thank you for using minimal manipulation."

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