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No more bad blood: Lillian Muli and ‘community husband’ seem to be co-parenting just fine

Lillian Muli and Jared Ombogi (Courtesy)

After allegedly forgiving her ex-husband and baby daddy, Lillian Muli and Jared Ombogi seem to be enjoying their co-parenting journey. The mother of two took to her social media to share a photo of Jared and their son, Liam, sharing a warm father-son moment.

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Just Boys Hanging out ?? Liam and his Daddy

A post shared by Lillian Muli (NZISA) (@lilmuli) on

Despite her very public breakup post in December where she accused the Shabana FC chairman of infidelity, calling him out as a community husband. An agitated Lillian went ahead to call on all Kenyans to never associate her with Jared.

All that now seem to be water under the bridge and we can only hope that they have risen above their personal differences and are warmly co-parenting their son.

The anchor has also shown her co-parenting skills with first husband Moses Kanene, with whom they also share a son. A couple weeks ago, she also shared a photo of him, spending time with their son. Though this came only two days after she broke up with Jared, Lillian and Moses appear to share a cordial relationship even after their divorce. Last year, she even penned a heartwarming message to the father of her first born.

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