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Eight hilarious wedding entertainment ideas

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Weddings are to celebrate love and we can not achieve that with a boring party. It is every couple’s wish to give their guests a mind-blowing party but still, on a budget.

One way to make sure that all of your guests are super impressed is to use any of these insanely entertaining ideas.

1. Magicians

It sounds off but trust me, hiring a magician for your wedding is the perfect way to keep your guests occupied – especially if the magician is good. This might pass as a unique idea for your wedding, especially if you plan yours to be outside Nairobi.

2. Unique Wedding Music + Dance

Modest Mouse once said ‘Music is to the soul while words are to the mind’ and therefore you need to be selective on the kind of music you play during you wedding party. You can hire a dance instructor to teach your guests an easy fun dance. The most common dance moves/songs in today’s weddings is traditional dance moves and dancers. However, you can be creative and look for what works for you.

3. Comedian

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Make your guests laugh with the help of a comedian. Nowadays with the help of social media, it is very easy to reach out to your favorite local comedian. Slide into their DMs and hire them for the day. However, you might need to brief the comedian prior the event to avoid going overboard with jokes that can possibly offend some of your guests.

4. Karaoke

Save this one for later in the night and you’re bound to get even more brilliant, hilarious and enthusiastic results! Karaoke ‘mixed’ with a few wine glasses works the magic. Thank me later.

5. Circus show and Fire breathers

For wedding entertainment ideas that you don’t see every day, look to the circus. You could hire all manner of performers to put on your very own big day circus show. Choose fire breathers and you’re sure to stand out.

6. Channel Your Inner-Kid

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Bouncing castles are ALWAYS a good idea, especially if you are throwing a summer wedding. This is something that can be such a laugh for both the adults and the children at your wedding.

7. Photo Booths

They are so much fun that’s why they are more popular in the western countries.  Putting on props and taking hilarious photos is not just something that is fun in the moment, it also creates memories for your guests that will last a lifetime. You can always personalize the props.

8. Live Bands and performers

If DJ’s aren’t quite your style, why not opt for a live wedding band? This kind of entertainment can really transform your wedding reception into something really special.


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